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tv   FOX and Friends Saturday  FOX News  November 10, 2012 6:00am-10:00am EST

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evening. thank you very much. sean will be back on machine. thank you for being with us. good morning, it's saturday, november 10th. the man who has the department of secret has a secret of his own. general david petraeus resigns over an affair days before he was set to testify on benghazi: >> raising taxes. >> i'm not going to ask students and seniors and middle class families to pay down the entire deaf -- deficit while people like me making $250,000 aren't asked to pay a dime more in taxes. >> how will the president's plan to tax the rich play out in washington? will they have some by tart
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san agreement? we'll hear from both sides ahead. >> and for the first time since sandy knocked out its power, lady liberty shining brightly. guess what, thousands of americans who were hit hard by sandy still sitting cold and powerless 12 days later. we will hear from some of those people as "fox & friends" for this saturday starts right now. >> oy. >> oy it is early. >> thanks for joining us so early and thanks to mike jarrett for coming in and clayton morris. >> i have a feeling i know why you invited me in because i'm 237 years old. oddly, it's also the marine scorp 237 years old today. >> you look good for 237. >> look good for that old. >> happy birthday. >> to the marines. it's good to be back. it's been three weeks since i
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have been on this curvey couch. >> we have missed. >> you i have missed you and this wonderful couch and it's a busy news saturday. >> my goodness, what a bombshell that dropped yesterday afternoon, general petraeus, you know, widely respected as such a stellar military career man that he was immediately resigning at head of the cia amidst scandal. >> he had an affair with his biographer, that is now the reason made public for his resignation. he turned that into the president. the president accepted his resignation. although dianne feinstein, the senator said she wishes that the president did not accept the resignation. many of you out there said really, in this era, is an affair enough to end the career of such a highly decorated officer in this case the cia. here is exactly how feinstein put it? >> i very much regret the resignation of david petraeus as director of the cia. this is enormous loss for our
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nation's intelligence community and for our country. i wish president obama had not accepted this resignation. but i understand and respect the decision. petraeus is one of america's best and brightest and all americans should be grateful for his service. no doubt. david petraeus, the most decorated military officer of his generation. turned around the war in iraq. arguably in afghanistan. depending on how you see things. many people are saying this has to do with something more than sex. it just doesn't add up. the day after the election. the white house learned about. this. >> is that when they learned about it? >> well, some sources say they knew about it for months. >> well, it's going to be great fodder for discussion for four hours. that age old question. >> absolutely. it's an affair. it's bad judgment. a bad decision. should that negate your fantastic career. one of the best generals ever? >> some say when it comes to the cia. then you are compromising national security. somebody else has access to your computer. while he was originally
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investigated. they thought there had been a breech-breach of his computer and found these steamy emails. the benghazi situation where obviously they wanted information from general petraeus among others including hillary clinton. so congressman jason chaffets says that he finds all of this a little fishy. this is highly suspicious in its timing. it comes days after important election. it comes days before he is set to testify before the house intelligence committee. and it really begs the question of what did the fbi know and when did they know it? how long did they sit on that information? i recall that general petraeus briefed the senate about what happened in benghazi. did he have this looming over his head? what is the realtiming here, liz? that's the real question that i think going forward is so imperative that we get to the bottom of. >> now, as for more on that timing, thursday is the closed
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door senate hearings on benghazi. petraeus was set to testify. needless to say now he is not. top director acting head of the cia. many are saying he still has to testify here, including ambassador bolted ton through the our network said this is -- there is no way around it that he has to testify. >> you would think he would. >> if they ask him to, even though he is an ordinary citizen now, he would still be required to. >> goes back to that thing about, you just can't have affairs. you know because of the blackmail issue. >> i disagree. you can have an affair. you can't put them on email, all right, people? let that be your lesson. >> that's not right, alli. >> affairs are no good. >> not at fault here. >> one person saying this is more than sex. this affair is over. she allegedly broke up with him months ago. he has been resume membered
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rumored to be trying to get back together with her. ron kessler said the white house did learn about this months ago and it is over. is he one bob baier and many others saying there is more here than sex. we will find out in the week or weeks ahead. >> do you know what it's going to do? make all these other media outletst start talking about benghazi. you can't ignore it anymore. >> some people think that this helps to gloss over whatever went wrong at benghazi and why they tried to, if they, in fact, tried to cover up the fact that this is a terror attack. but to your point charles krauthammer agrees that maybe now that this involves an affair the media will fixate on benghazi more. >> there is no way that it this is going to get in the way of the benghazi story coming out. and in an odd way and sort of discouraging way, now that the story is attached to a sex scandal, it will become a story that will be pursued by the media as not pursued
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before. they were holding off, i think to protect obama before and also out of a lack of interest. just given the nature of our journalism, it will now become the hottest story around and you can be sure that even the mainstream papers, which did not show any interest whatsoever in this story up and into the election, are going to get on it and now and it will become. it will unravel. >> we hope charles is right. meanwhile, two questions and email us on these. win, will david petraeus and should he testify before the senate on thursday. and, two, is this more than sex? is there something else that we're going to find out as likely related to benghazi in the weeks ahead? >> all right. we have some more news for you. believe it or not, let me bring that to you right now. many new jersey drivers are forced to wait in these long lines you are about to see for gas. they might also have been overcharged. the attorney general has filed lawsuits, excuse me, it's early, against seven gas stations saying that they
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hiked their prices excessively in the days following sandy. one station charging $5.50 a gallon. even businesses who face increase cost of their own cannot increase costs by more than 50%. >> no complaints that any of those costs are due to legitimate increased costs that those businesses incur. >> one hotel is also being charged with price gouging. well, a coal company forced to lay off 160 employees they say and the ceo says it's because of the president's re-election. murray energy corporation announcing that the layoffs at its utah and illinois plants. ceo, bob murray says the president's alleged war on coal, including pending e.p.a. regulation also destroy the coal industry by the year 2030. he forced a cross-country flight to land after having a mid-air melt down about terrorists. today that jetblue pilot is a free man.
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that he clayton ranting and raving during it a flight from new york to las vegas back in march. he was arrested for interfering with crew members found not guilty by reason of insanity. now a texas judge has let him go free rather than commit him to a mental facility. he will not be allowed back on an airplane without permission. he must also forego his pilot's license. lady liberty lighting up new york harbor for the first time since super storm sandy hits. it serves as a victim of hope for other storm victims. brings and stone walkways were torn up. can you he see some that there the docks were ripped apart. power is also out. so crews are using a temporary lighting system powered by generators to light up the statue. it is shut down indefinitely until repairs can be made. those are your headlines. >> all right. let's get it out to rick
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reichmuth now who has a check of our weather. he is out there checking out the aftermath of sandy in long island. and, rick, most people have turned the page, but not there in long island. it is still devastating, huh? >> yeah, latest numbers still about 130,000 people without power at its worst, right after sandy, it was 965. so recollect certainly large improvement storm still without power. it's a bitter pill to swallow. they say they are doing everything they can. they brought more people in yesterday. more linemen to be working in the area. but i can tell you driving out here this morning. you drive through big pockets of dark and couple little pockets of light. also drove past a number of gas tankers going in to fill up the gas station. even with that said at this early in the morning drove past very long gas line. people, i think, maybe trying to beat the rush. it is a warmer morning this morning, which is certainly good news for people. take a look at the weather maps and can you see right around this area, it is into
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the 40s. so that's better than it even was for a high temperature for a couple of days. we are going to be watching, a warm up for the next few days and it's going to be a really, really welcome one for so many. in fact, by tomorrow, we're going to be back into the 60's. so, for the few people who don't have power yet tomorrow, at least a little bit of a break for mother nature allowing these temps to climb. that's going to be warmer sunday and monday and tuesday. wednesday, things cool down a little bit. taking a look at the radar picture. you see a little bit of clouds across parts of pennsylvania and upstate, new york. this isn't a system that's going to cause any problems. be a little bit cloudy from time to time today. but out across the west, there is a big storm. a storm that's brought blizzard conditions across parts of montana and north dakota. heavy snow in across the central rockies and dropped the temperatures bringing rain even to southern california and snow levels down across arizona. all the action has been out across the west the last couple of days which is certainly welcome news. i had high temperatures,
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missoula, montana, 25. warmer temperatures coming up for the northeast, going to be talking to people still without power and still very unhappy and finding outs just how they are doing, guys? >> that sounds great, rick. we should mention that our own brian kilmeade is still without power and he will be calling in and telling us what his situation is in long island where everybody is so outraged about how the long island power authority has been hand lick this. >> in new jersey they had close to 2.6 million people without power. down to 80,000 people. why can new jersey do it and not long island. >> because they are jersey. >> governor chris christie yell at them. >> we also told you about david petraeus' resignation. what does the loss mean for the future of u.s. intelligence? concern tony shaffer on that yet. >> then, peta now targeting your kids. take a look at its latest billboard to keep turkey off the menu this thanksgiving.
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so jill can keep living the good life. crest. life opens up when you do. >> welcome back, intel community bombshell just dayed before he was scheduled to testify on benghazi, cia director general david petraeus resigns citing extra marital affair even for the future of u.s. intelligence. joining us now is senior fellow at the center for advanced studies, lt. colonel tony shaffer. good to see you, sir. >> thanks for having me on. >> we certainly owe a debt of gratitude. most decorated military officer in thinks turn things
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around in iraq. we could go on and on. you say that in fox news op ed. you say his departure has more to do with personal laps in judgment. why do you say that? >> say that because it's obvious and the facts are backing it up. let me be clear here. talking about this earlier. the fbi is brief congress on certain issues related to any intelligence related failures or problems. congress should have been briefed on this a long time back. there is clear evidence right now, david, that this white house knew knew a long time ago, weeks, maybe months about this issue. recent past why now? general petraeus' laps while significant is not something that i would have put out at this point in time some major grave lapses of intelligence
6:18 am
either by the fact it wasn't accurate or it was manipulated. but that's what we need to get to the bottom of. >> according to reports the affair has been over for several months now. let's turn to benghazi. how does it effect the investigation into what happened there. should he still be required to testify at those senate hearings on thursday? >> all roads lead back to that first 24 hours my sources and cia officers reporting accurately chain of command this was an act of terrorism in benghazi. somehow that got derailed for days, almost two weeks the presidential daily brief said it was a video. why is that? we have got to get to the bottom of that. david petraeus sits in a critical node of whatever happened. he must talk to the american people, to congress about what he knew when he knew and what the issue is. frankly, i think some of this has to do his departure and the way it's been trotted out is actually trying to descracket to getting to some
6:19 am
of these issues. that's the only reason i can think of the timing for this. >> would be hard to image if the senate does not require, at least ask him to thursday we need some answers. if i can draw a common thread between what happened there and what happened with iran, related to that drone, that the iranian fighter plane fired 00. we just learned about it after the lecketdz. even though it happened back on november 1st. is there a common thread in terms of how the white house is processing information waiting for perhaps political reasons to tell the american people about it? >> oh, no doubt. i feel like i'm alice in wonderland looking lieu the looking glass here. everything is blurred. that incident with a drone, in my judgment, should have been talked about right within 24 to 48 hours. the reason is we have faced off against other adversaries in that region. i sight for you the 80's and the libyans. there were a number of times we had confrontations we had libyans, their aircraft challenged ours, shot them down it was immediately
6:20 am
reported within 24 hours of the event. it misty phis me while it may have been a classified mission wasn't reported instantly to the american people as egg is can't event that they needed to look at to base their decision on the future security of this nation. again, this is part of the equation. i think clearly now, with the drone and with the petraeus there was reasons why this was delayed. >> it is strange. that was back on november 1st. still strange to me that the iranians weren't able to shoot thing down. that's a whole other subject. thanks for being here this morning. >> thanks for having me. >> dire warning on the economy comes to an agreement or slip right back into recession by next year? will congress finally come to a compromise to avoid the fiscal cliff? plus, this baby elephant caught in a sticky situation. up to its neck for over 12 hours. the incredible rescue straight ahead.
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>> 6:24 eastern time. quick headlines now. over 90,000 people have signed a petition to nominate this pack diswran girl for the nobel peace prize. the 15-year-old was shot in the head by the taliban after speaking out for women's rights to go to school. she is currently recovering at a uk hospital. and chrysler recalling over 900,000 jeep vehicles because of faulty air bags. a recall includes grand cherokees from 2002 to 2004. and jeep liberties from 2002 to 2003. a malfunction can cause the air bag to deploy without an accident. guys? >> thank you, dave. well, a new report released by the congressional budget office, the cbo lays out the stark reality of what is going over the fiscal cliff.
6:25 am
what exactly does that mean? it's not good. >> according to the cbo. if not solved, the fiscal cliff would drive the economy back in recession and result in jobless rate rise to 9.1% by 2013. economic output would drop by .a% if congress fails to act. so much at stake. how much will it take washington to reach a compromise here? james freidman is the assistant editorial page editor with the "wall street journal." good to have you here. >> now that the we would go back into a recession. do you think that gives the president added incentive to compromise? >> i don't know. i hope. so you see that speech he made on friday. minus the stuff trashing romney. if you are hoping for a signal that now we are going to get toward fiscal sanity, i don't think we got it. >> do you agree with the cbo?
6:26 am
what happens if we go over that cliff. >> the real cliff is the tax cliff. they talk about the fiscal cliff because people who like to spend money want to pretend any modest reduction in spend something bad for the economy. the real problem is 500 billion in tax incrosses scheduled for next year. >> alisyn: let's hear what the president had to say yesterday. >> i'm open to compromise. i'm open to new ideas. i'm committed to solving our fiscal challenges. but, i refuse to accept any approach that isn't balanced. i am not going to ask students and seniors and middle class families to pay down the entire deficit while people like me, making over $250,000, aren't asked to pay a dime more in taxes. [ applause ] >> i'm not going to do that. >> alisyn: he says is he open to compromise there but he says i'm not -- i refuse to move, change positions on his basic fundamental point that he is going to have to raise
6:27 am
taxes. would raising taxes on people who make $250,000 or more help the deficit? >> no. because you would have depressed economic growth and the government is going to collect less tax revenue when there is less happening in the economy. this is why the cbo is always wrong on this. one possibly damaging part of this report is they seem to be saying that if you let taxes rise on rich people, it's really not going to hurt the economy much. it's the bliddle class tax cuts that you can get most of the economic benefit if you keep them. it's very politically satisfying to tax rich people. economically it doesn't work so well. >> if we don't extend, this would put us back in the 90s when thingsy flourishing. >> what you heard there, it's possible with john boehner saying okay, we will get rid of some deductions that rich people enjoy that the president is now going to have his bluff called. i think is he going to get some tax increases on rich people, will he actually reform the entitlement
6:28 am
spending? >> you are in charge, what is the compromise? >> well, i think the big part of the compromise, boehner has to get is the spending cuts have to happen now. people talk about this sequester and government spending might get cut. most of it is in the future. he has got to get in the hundreds of billions in year one to say we are actually turning this ship. >> james freeman from the "wall street journal" thanks for coming in with your expertise on. this thanks. good to be here. >> your tax dollars going to pay for sex change operations? what? we'll tell you where this just has been given the green light. >> then, it's been two weeks since super storm sandy and thousands of people are still in the dark this morning. they have been left freezing over these past weeks. so where is the help? our own brian kilmeade is going to join us next. he is on long island with the latest devastation there
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>> look at these pictures. some of the devastation super storm sandy. still in the dark as we speak this morning. frustrations still growing. waiting for help.
6:33 am
>> rick reichmuth is there live this morning with an update. rick, when you drive in there, what strikes you. i was in staten island a week ago. and just the devastation out on the sidewalk, personal items thrown out. mattresses. what hits you this morning? >> >> well, you certainly see that just take a look down the street here. you get the same idea of that. people's, you know, stuff that is no longer good is out on the streets. you are also struck by the amount of areas you go through that don't have power. coming in here at night, you suddenly it's pitch black. we don't ever really think about how pitch black it is until you are driving down the street and it's there. and then you go through some neighborhoods where there is light. that's been the big problem for people is not only that they're not getting their energy back on as quickly as they would like, obviously. they are also not getting the information from the long island power authority as to when they are going to get their power back on. so take a listen to what a couple of people had to say. >> they hang up on you. they don't answer it it i
6:34 am
called lipa. they said we can't do anything for you. you have to get an inspector. can't get an inspector. this is the worst day of high life. >> yesterday power. without power and tried to call lipa. nobody answer. we can't live like this. >> people are trying to get the information. they are not getting the information they need. obviously 12 days in without power. and it has been cold all of this time and the snow storm in between it people are incredibly frustrated. can i tell you that lipa long island authority. adding additional crews. 1200 linemen on long island to continue to get improvement on. starting with 96 a thousand people still 131,000 people without power. a lot of people think that is not going quickly enough. and one of the nassau county managers yesterday asked for the u.s. military to take over
6:35 am
the managerial operations. out of this problem out here. the governor hasn't yet weighed in on that yet if he is going to choose to have something like that done. guys? >> probably not a gadd idea. military seems to be able to put up power quickly. even in war zones and things like that. lipa is the long island power authority. >> these people need help. it's so maddening to be cold and dark and have no idea. no word from lipa when that is going to change. at least connecticut power and light where we were they had a time frame for us. by tuesday you will have your power back. it's a long time away. >> everyone now does. >> it gave us something to cling to. >> one of our colleagues lives on long island. marianne rafferty. she says she got word it might be between thanksgiving and christmas. >> oh, my. >> before the power is back on at her house. >> that is not what brian kilmeade wanted to hear. he is on the phone with us this morning. brian is suffering from the very same problems there in long island.
6:36 am
brian, are you with us? >> yeah, dave. it looks like i'm going to volunteer to work both christmas and thanksgiving just so i know i will be warm. >> it's good you still have your sense of humor, brian, where do you look to blame? i'm seeing pictures of people who had to rip out insulation and driveway to avoid molding. who do you blame here? >> it's quite obvious. peter king chairman of the homeland security he happens to be my congressman. his frustration mirrors what saying. lawmakers can't even get through to the power authority. they can't get an answer. sarcastic condescending approach that lipa has had has made things worse. we find out thought they had no plan. as early in 2006 in studies that are done. using outdated equipment. using language kobal from the
6:37 am
90's. last year the average person had their power out for a month. if it's out for a month. well, irene is not going to happen again. that's a once in a lifetime storm. the next year it's worse. there is no water in place. there is no gasoline in place. there were no plans, no communication. what's wse and what i think referring to is the inspection. my house, like some houses. sea water went in. first time ever. people been here in decades, in their 80's. they never have been flooded in their crawl spaces let alone their houses having a foot of water. and by the way you are right, you have to immediately get it out. the sheetrock, the cabinets, it's amazing, you rip out the floors and in one day, i started ripping out right away because i got the heads up that you can't save this stuff. there was already black mold on the one side one day. in. >> oh my gosh. >> that's a natural disaster. the response and the lack of plan is staggering. >> we have a suggestion.
6:38 am
given that there was a lack of resource allocation even though they knew that sandy was on their way here are some people that if you could get ahold of them at lipa might have some answers. let us put them up on the screen. so many people in the area are asking you for information and who they should call. michael harvey the ceo of lipa. ask for michael hervy if you can get through. here is a picture of him. bruce, the vp. customer services vice president of customer services. that seems like an important person to call bruce. these all are people who could have information if you could get ahold of them. >> the interesting thing is that the governor, governor cuomo instead of saying you know what? we are going to get light on. working together says i don't like these guys. they have been woefully been inadequate. there was no plan in place. the governor's position of
6:39 am
leadership is i'm one of you. to me that's unacceptable. he is governor of the state. start firing people. start moving people through. by the way you can ask a few questions like where is the water? where is the gas? >> i totally agree with you, brian. i think when you look at katrina. the state and local governments didn't get enough blame for their lack of planning or lack of handling after the fact. and i think it's the same case here. i think the people in long island, like brian, have no choice. they have one power company. it's not like you have four or five choices like a cable company. you have one choice. when they don't do it right. >> the governor does have power over them, right, brian? >> absolutely. i mean, he definitely has power over them and he, at the very least, mike, he could have just said hey, guys, come to and show me your plan. i knew ahead of time because i have a full-time meteorologist on our staff on "fox & friends." is this storm for real? so on wednesday you start saying to yourself wow, we have to get a plan in place.
6:40 am
fox was calling us up saying we have a hotel for you guys because it's going to be bad. evidently we didn't have enough telephone poles at lipa. if you don't have enough policies. they have to inspect your home to turn on the light. they send inspectors home at noon. kids are in school. too cold to live here. people have these things called wait a second, jobs? when they come to your house they are not home. they give you a letter that says call this number. you can't get through. it's always busy. people don't know what's going on. >> brian, where are are you living? >> well, i'm living with alisyn. she does not know it. [ laughter ] >> when she goes to work i'm able to sneak in. i was able to get a hotel room. my family is living with my mom. this was a little closer to work. they need to be closer to school. but, for the most part, i'm left out because they kill fema gives you fema hotels
6:41 am
which are paid for, fine. the fema hotels there is only three on all of long island, there is hundreds of people on the waiting list. if you are 80 years old and it's 30 degrees you are staying on your second floor. >> all right. brian. stay warm and, you know, we will do what we can check in later with you in the program. >> you really can come stay at my house. >> the thing is jarrett is already there. kind of crowded. >> not because of power. >> alisyn: brian, we will will check back in with you. two states legalizing marijuana this week. will that help to ease the courts or will it actually cause more crime? >> that's deigns home state, isn't it, colorado? >> interesting. coincidence? i think not. then they put their lives on the line to keep it safe. come home and can't find jobs. up next, find out how the army is helping to put our his or hers back to work. [ rosa ] i'm rosa and i quit smoking with chantix.
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common side effects include nausea, trouble sleeping and unusual dreams. it helps to have people around you... they say, you're much bigger than this. and you are. [ male announcer ] ask your doctor if chantix is right for you. >> alisyn: 45 minutes past the hour. time for quick headlines. taxpayers in san francisco will be footing the bill for what health floicials call much needed service. that's sex change operations. green lighted a program that would treat people experiencing mental duress due to gender identity issues that includes gender reassignment surgery. this program could start as early as next year. elephant caught in a sticky situation. the 5-year-old animal got stuck in mud up to its neck for about 12 and a half hours it was struggling to breathe. that's when a group of tourists spotted it and tried to help. they were able to get a rope around the animal and use a car to pull him free. the elephant is said to be
6:46 am
doing just fine. let's go to the guys. >> from the trunk of the car to the trunk of the elephant. that is beautiful. >> was that election day, alli? finding a job in ha somewhat tough economy nation's vets. that's why we are joined by the deputy chief of staff of the army's transition assistance program. >> general, welcome to "fox & friends." good to have you here much well, good morning, thank you for having me. it's such a great opportunity particularly as we get ready to celebrate veterans weekend, veterans holiday to talk about our great soldiers and veterans and everything they have done for the nation. >> things are so much better than they were back in the vietnam era. we like our vets. we like when they come home. we want to get them jobs. how do we get them jobs? >> i have got to tell you we have really stepped out this year. particularly if you look at the veterans opportunity to work act. we have revitalized our transition programs. we are starting 12 months out with soldiers. it's a mandatory program. commanders involved with the program now. we are looking at making
6:47 am
soldiers and we will make soldiers career-ready so they have that time during the 12 months before they decide to transition to get prepared. you know some soldiers stay three years. some soldiers stay 30 years. no matter how long they stay with us, they are soldiers and they are soldiers for life. we're committed to helping them make that transition to civilian society. getting a job. working with medical facilities, whatever the case may be to make their transition a smooth and easy one. that he was what we are all about this year. >> let's go through some of the numbers. the latest november of 2008, unemployment rated for all veterans was a .2%. up to 6.3%. some might look at that and say well, it's better than the general population. look at this. iraq and afghanistan veterans, north of 10% unemployment. perhaps the most important thing for you to market would be those skills that veterans possess. that what you do overseas. how does that translate and how might that help employers here at home? >> well, absolutely. first of all, all our soldiers are extremely strong and
6:48 am
well-trained. they bring adaptable skills. they are good employers, as far as they are on time to work. they are drug free. the things that they learn in the military, leadership, team work. values, those are the types of things our soldiers bring to both communities, to help make communities stronger as well as to our employers. the other thing we are starting on first of the year several pilots going on. information technology specialists, medical specialists, our truck drivers, our welders, our construction personnel. doing pilots to transition those military skills into the civilian society and getting great support from industry to do that as well as from veterans affairs and department of labor. i think these pilots will make a very smooth transition. >> that's for sure. >> people see the value of what soldiers bring to both the communities and to the work place. >> if there is back on that resume. hire them. general, thank you so much for being here. especially this weekend. >> thank you very much. appreciate the opportunity. >> thank you. fox news is also helping find
6:49 am
jobs for our vets. we have launched a brand new web site called helping heros work. it connects veterans to potential employment opportunities. all you have to do is log on to helping heros work dot fox next on the rundown. controversial attorney general eric holder admits he may be out. yeah. who he is going to take his place though? we'll ask our next guest that quest question. >> and marijuana legalized this week in two states. is this putting the war on drugs in jeopardy? we'll debate that next. [ male announcer ] humana and walmart have teamed up
6:50 am
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6:53 am
>> alisyn: colorado and washington becoming the first states to legalize recreational marijuana use this week. is this a surrender in the war on drugs? here to debate it all is criminal defense attorney and fox news legal analyst arthur aidala and joey jackson. guys, great to have you here. >> for the record i'm not potted up. i'm not potted up. >> alisyn: steve doocy. joey, legalizing marijuana for legal use not medical. >> i was wondering why arthur had the munchies, i didn't figure it out. i'm getting into it. >> i start with a disclaimer. >> it often can be said that states now that it's regulated it could be safer and taxed and all the rest of this. let me say, this it's not going to pass muster. i'm going to quote scalia for him. did you see maryland vs. louisiana 1981 case that talks
6:54 am
about preemption and here is the point, alisyn. the point is that states can do whatever they want. however, the federal government in 1970 controlled substance act said marijuana is illegal and, therefore, no matter what the states do is preemptive. >> can i shut the door on him now? do i have to wait? >> alisyn: no, go. >> or can i pounce? yes, joseph, you are correct. it is illegal to have medical marijuana according to the federal government. the federal government not two pages in the law book, marijuana, medical marijuana. 17 states have medical marijuana. they are handing out dope all over the place. the feds haven't done bump cuss. they busted one joint not one joint, one place in l.a. that's it and they allowed it to happen. >> alisyn: you guys as lawyers are giving me the legal argument of course. let's talk about the lifestyle issue. because let me tell you something this is a california crime rate which has increased since even legalization of
6:55 am
medical marijuana tripled the number of robberies around marijuana clubs. more than 50% spiking burglaries. 57% in aggravated assault. 131% slump in car robberies. >> outrageous, outrageous, unbelievable and this is the very reason that the federal government should come in and they should enforce because we can't have a society that's high and that's doped up and that doesn't have their faculties about them. >> if those statistics are proven, the electorate will speak. if that's a clear as it is saying. >> alisyn: you don't think crime will spike in places where pot becomes legal. >> joey is going to back me up on this. 15 years i have been a criminal defense attorney. i have never had a client come into my office mr. aidala i smoked a joint and stole a car. smoked a joint and beat someone up. hundreds of time, i drank, i got drunk and i hit someone. i was drunk and i stole a car. mr. aidala, alcohol is a horrible, horrible drug. nobody has ever said that about weed. drug use may spike and the
6:56 am
whole gate way drug aspect. that's a different story when you are talking about robberies and violent crimes. >> anything that's out there, where you don't have your wits about you, that takes away from your logic, your reasoning, your ability to process information is a bad thing. as a result of that, you have to be concerned about robbery. about burglary, about murder, about anything else. >> every doctor that's handing out these prescriptions like it's cotton candy. here is a downer. here is this. >> absolutely. >> they are all impaired and going to be robbing and stealing. >> 100%. do you see the effect that xanax has. this should be a not pot zone. >> may i suggest a little xanax for both of you this morning. arthur aidala. >> stay off the weed. >> i'm always off the weed. >> alisyn: thanks, gentlemen. startle i new information on the benghazi terror attack. it took special forces nearly a day to reach a staging base after the attack began. what took so long? and a shocker in the intelligence world. david petraeus resigning over an affair just days before he
6:57 am
was supposed to testify on what happened in benghazi. is that suspicious timing? we report, you decide. nobody said an inkjet had to be slow. or that printing in color had to cost a fortune. nobody said an all-in-one had to be bulky. or that you had to print from your desk. at least, nobody said it to us. introducing the business smart inkjet all-in-one series from brother. easy to use, it's the ultimate combination of speed, small size, and low-cost printing.
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7:00 am
>> alisyn: good morning, everyone. it's saturday, november 10th. i'm alisyn camerota. thanks for joining us this morning. a stunning confession from the man in charge of our country's top secrets general david petraeus stepping down for apparently having an affair. just days before he was supposed to testify on benghazi. >> this is highly suspicious, in its timing. it comes days after an election, a very important election. it comes days before he is set to testify. >> alisyn: is congressman chaffets right? we report, you decide this morning. >> president obama's re-election plan, tax the rich. >> i'm not going to ask students and seniors and middle class families to pay down the entire deficit while people, like me, making over
7:01 am
$250,000 aren't asked to pay a dime more in taxes. >> perhaps his path forward in the second term. will congress will be on the same page or will he fall off the fiscal cliff. >> plus, peta going too far? take a look at their latest advertisement attacking thanksgiving and turkeys. "fox & friends." let's do another hour right now. ♪ here comes santa claus ♪ here comes santa claus ♪ right down santa claus lane. >> alisyn: courtesy of bass pro, they pull out all the stops. when they come here and it is so magical to go into this wonderland. in fact, if you are anywhere
7:02 am
near midtown manhattan, come on down and we will give a a taste of what's to come in december. 48th and sixth avenue. believe it or not it that is united states of a tent on the corner of 48 and can you either sit on mike jarrett's lap or take your pick. not ready for christmas music. >> also rocking the lapel pins this morning as you can see on camera, why? because it is the marine corps 237th birthday this morning. happy birthday to the corps. [cheer] >> alisyn: thanks for being in for clayton very busy tuesday bombshell in terms of resigning amid scandal. in fact, he had been having an extramarital affair he says and the president accepted his resignation. >> it was just stunning. when i heard there was annual
7:03 am
announcement by general petraeus. that's the last thing on the list of things he was going to it announce. stepping aside or whatever. but this say it ain't so. >> the affair, we have come to learn, was with his biographer. it happened overseas. there are many questions now being asked in the intelligence community and by ordinary citizens saying, all right. number one is this enough for the most decorated war general of our time? is this enough for him to step aside. number two, everyone says what about the timing of all of this? when did the white house know? they say they learned on wednesday. 2. will he ste still testify on thursday talking about what happened on thursday regarding ambassador stephan and the other americans who were killed? as of right now, david petraeus is not scheduled to testify it. he was before his resignation now is not. >> senator dianne feinstein thinks that this is a tragic loss for the country because he was such a stellar public
7:04 am
servant and obviously military man. here is what she wrote. i very much regret the resignation of david petraeus cia this is enormous loss for our intelligence community and for our country. i wish president obama had not accepted his resignation but i understand and respect the decision. david petraeus is one of america's best and brightest and all americans should be grateful for his service. >> let's look at it for the next three hours two different angles. in this day and age because he is so good at his job, this lapse of judgment, should that negate him? should veto resign over that? >> property of the problem he is the head of the cia. the fbi said investigation this was a breech of national security when the head of the cia computer compromised that's allegedly why they were investigating him. they thought there was some sort of compromise of his computer when they dug into it they found steamy emails exchanged. >> any time you have an affair
7:05 am
okay can i blackmail you? >> this affair is over. reportedly over for months now. one of the things a lot of you are saying military code rules having an affair is a crime. is he not a military officer now. is he retired working for the cia he is retired military that does not apply to him. the timing though government and many of you at home is suspicious related to benghazi. here is what representative jason chafe fits has to say. >> highly suspicious days after election, he very important election, very important election. comes days before he is set to intelligence committee. it really begs the question what did the fbi know and when did they know it? how long did they sit on that information? i recall that general petraeus briefed the senate about what happened in benghazi. did he have this looming over
7:06 am
his head? what is the realtiming here, liz? that's the real question going forward is so imperative that we get to the bottom of. >> what difference does it make? he still will probably be called to testify. >> not as of right now. as of right now he is not scheduled to. ambassador bolton last night said he absolutely must if we are going to learn the truth. >> we would love to hear your thoughts on this. you can find us on twitter. i'm at alisyn cam rot tanchts at mike jarrett. dave briggs tv or that one. >> almost two weeks since sandy ravaged the east coast but thousands are still dealing with the fallout with no power and tons of damage. >> let's get out to rick. is he down out at long island right now. what are you seeing? >> i will tell you, 12 days after the storm and people are still without power. i want to show you something just on the other side. there is a a truck here that's a logging truck. it's got that thing right there that would normally be
7:07 am
used to put the logs into the back of this truck. and it has been pulled in from wisconsin to come out here and they are scooping up the trash and the debris that we have been showing you on the side of the road and dumping it in there. people coming in from other countries doing this kind of work. that's what's happening here. it's 7:00 in the morning on long beach. not too many people out on the streets just yet. got some people that we have seen and talking to later on. i do want to talk about the weather. it has been such a factor because it has been so cold. normally you would have a hurricane and might be warm afterwards. because of the late season nature of this, a very cold time. take a look at the weather maps. it is warming up just a little bit. in fact, we have got warmer temps right now than we have been dealing with for a while. we are at 43 degrees right here across the area. and those temps are going to climb for a few days. that is certainly going to be some very welcome news for people. by tomorrow, your high getting into the 60's across much of this area. and the next number of days, looking to be warmer.
7:08 am
i should say in about the next three days we will be talking about temps across parts of jersey, you see that tomorrow into the mid 60's. monday as well. tuesday those temps drop again by wednesday back into the 40s. so these next five days really crucial where we have got some warmer temps to get all the power back on for everybody. the colder air is going to be coming back in again by the time we get towards wednesday. all right, eyes. much more coming up in just a bit. send it back to you. >> nice to know there is warmer temperatures coming. thanks, rick. let's get to your headlines. more to tell you about. as frustration goes. two long island congressman are asking the government to step in and get something done. representative peter king and steve israel are requesting the army corps of engineers and the energy department take over repairs from the long island power authority. known as lipa whose work they have called abysmal. more than 15,000 people don't have power. what's worse is the lack of answers.
7:09 am
>> some of us who actually get power, once that grid is turned on and our power is turned on we still don't have power because most of our electrical boxes are under water. need to get electricians and power lines put in because it was under water. it's time we need the power on so we can get our lives rebuilt. >>lipa hope to have 9 a% of the power restored by tuesday. but about 65,000 customers have such severe flood damage it will take extensive repairs before they can begin restoring power. new questions this morning about whether four americans could have been saved from the terror attack in benghazi. according to the pentagon's newly released time line. a special op.s team in croatia was told to prepare to deploy 2 to 4 hours after the attack started. the team did not arrive at a base in southern italy until at least 18 hours later. long after the attack was over. the military insists there were no armed aircraft that could have responded in time to rescue the men. >> and the latest peta target,
7:10 am
thanksgiving. the group is looking to your kids to help keep turkey off the menu this holiday. let's look at this ad. peta plans to run this billboard near public schools in nevada, california and idaho asking kids if they wouldn't eat their dog why would they eat a turkey. i see the connection. no, i don't. some parents are are upset. saying the message is too disturbing for kids. >> i don't know. i gave my daughter a couple of turkeys for pets. [ laughter ] >> no. a duck. >> very nice. >> sure. meanwhile, let's turn our attention now to the fiscal cliff that lies ahead and the question of will there actually be compromise in our government. it is needed to avoid that situation where $500 billion in new taxes and government spending cuts are grind. many feel this would send our unemployment rate skyrocketing and growth would go down. >> what you are saying we are where we were two years ago with the same players. >> send us right back into the
7:11 am
recession. boehner versus obama. >> give me my life back. having the same conversation and somehow the election didn't move the needle at all. >> it's again, it's the can being kicked down the road and the end of the road is here. >> sounds like it. now, however, we should say that the president and speaker john boehner both say that they are now open to compromise. when you dig into their statements further it's hard to know on what point they are going to compromise. let's listen. >> i'm open to compromise. i'm open to new ideas. i'm committed to solving our fiscal challenges. but, i will refuse to accept any approach that isn't balanced. pay down the entire deficit while people like me making over 2 auto thousand dollars aren't asked to pay a dime more in taxes. >> i'm not going to do that.
7:12 am
instead of raising tax rates on the american people and damage it will do to our economy. let's start to actually solve the problem. let's focus on tax reform that close loopholes and lowers tax rates. instead of arbitrary cuts endanger our national defense. let's get serious will sewering up primary preams primary drivers of our country's massive debt. 2013 should be the year to begin to solve our debt through tax reform and intilgtedz entitled reform. >> okay. is there room for compromise? perhaps. he left the window open for some increased revenues that would have to come through removing loopholes and divukdzs not rates. not increasing rates. but will the president put entitlements on the table? isn't that the beauty of a second term where you could go. i mean, you could go way to the middle. right? >> you know longer have to be beholden to your left wing base your special interest.
7:13 am
you could do whatever you want in your second term. >> i don't hear any common ground. the flip size the. >> wiggle room too to get to the middle. >> what compromise do you folks see ahead. secret talks with iran, the u.s. reportedly why is the president's top advisor the one leading the talks and is she really some dispute that notion. >> big brother keeping a close eye on you by putting armored trucks on the streets. we'll explain that [ male announcer ] there are only so many foods that make kids happy. and even fewer that make moms happy too.
7:14 am
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we want to be your partner moving forward. so switch to regions. and let's get going. together.
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>> so this week we learned that the threat from iran appears to be growing. the pentagon confirming thursday that iranian jets tried to shoot down an unmanned u.s. drone and failed just days before the election. valerie jarrett has been holding secret talks with the iranian government over nuclear program. something the administration though denies. what should we make of all of this? here to discuss is john suleman. the president and executive editor of the washington guardian. hi, john. >> good morning. >> so we are getting information about valerie jarrett from israeli newspaper. again, the white house denies that she is in any sort of secret talks or any talks whatsoever with iran. if this is true. this the israeli newspaper has it right. why would valerie jarrett be task with these talks as opposed to the secretary of state. >> sure, let me start off. my sources tell me valerie jarrett doesn't have hotline to tehran. may be working through intermediaries if you are tired with the sanctions come to the table and we will will
7:18 am
negotiate. why would she be involved at all? listen, she is one of the closest most important advisors to the president. if iran is an issue. second term going to be important to him. she is going to be involved in some way the national security team. >> there are also some reports that in connection with to this or maybe not that iran is rethinking nuclear program and is possibly freezing it. do we have any reason to believe that that's true? >> yesterday in the middle of the petraeus news breaking there was a story floated in the associated press that the administration very openly told the a.p. that if iran agreed to more movement on the nuclear program and did things that they had previously not agreed to talk about that maybe the administration would pull back the sanctions quicker than they have put on the table in the past. that public negotiation tells me they sent some movement and trying to create momentum in the process. at the same time, look what's been happening. iran shoots down or tries to shoot down a drone. they have been blamed for the recent internet cyber attacks
7:19 am
that occurred across the middle east and across western interest. they don't sound in action like a country looking for negotiation right now. >> let's talk about that teamentd shooting down of the drone. do you believe that they were trying to shoot down the drone or sending warning shots? why didn't they hit it? >> >> these droves haven't excellent evasive technology. report that iran had picked up one of our drones. love to get ahold of the technology to figure out how they spy on them. they have great counter measures and get betterrer and better as we learn from accept sodas. they may have very well tried to shoot it down. they want their hands on the technology but the technology the u.s. has has great counter measures. i guess it missed because of that. >> very quickly, do you think it's strange that this happened five days before the election and we only found out about it a couple days ago. >> usual lit pentagon doesn't like to talk about engage want with iran on drones. we try to keep our drones pretty quiet. i don't think it had much to
7:20 am
do with the election. i do think the next few weeks you are going to hear a lot more about iran and it will be a direct result what mandate the president thinks he has from the election. >> alisyn: john sullivan from the washington guardian thanks so much for coming. in still ahead, tsa screeners now part of the union. while it may make the job better for them. will it put the safety in the skies at risk? we'll explain. then, controversial attorney general eric holder admits he may be out for term 2. who would take his place? our next guest says he or she may be worse. begin. tomato, obviously. haha. there's more than that though, there's a kick to it. wahlalalalallala! smooth, but crisp. it's kind of like drinking a food that's a drink, or a drink that's a food, woooooh! [ male announcer ] taste it and describe the indescribable. could've had a v8.
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it'll cause cavities, bad breath. patients will try and deal with it by drinking water. water will work for a few seconds but if you're not drinking it, it's going to get dry again. i recommend biotene. all the biotene products like the oral rinse...the sprays have enzymes in them. the whole formulation just works very well. it leaves the mouth feeling fresh. if i'm happy with the results and my patients are happy with the results, i don't need to look any farther.
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7:24 am
>> first 1,000, that's how many veterans the supermarket giant safe way plans to hire next year it has set up a 41 week training program to help vets get supervising positions. this past year safeway hired 1200 vets. next, $13,000. that's how much a 13-year-old california boy got for his bar mitzvah and then donated all of it to wounded soldiers. operation men. is he a real merrill minch. the branch of the military was established by congress all the way back in 1775 celebrating 237 birthday today. >> were thank you, alli. >> shakeup in president obama's cabinet for a second term. first we already know secretary of state hillary clinton has already said she is out now. attorney general eric holder admits he, too, considering resigning. listen. >> that's something i'm in the process now of trying to
7:25 am
determine. do i think that there are things that i still want to do? do i have less, you know, gas in the tank? it's been an interesting and tough four years. so i just really don't know. >> running on empty. well, our next guest says attorney general eric holder should have stepped down well, a long time ago. but his replacement, well, could that be worse? >> christian adams is a former doj official, author of injustice. he joins us from washington this morning. good to see you, sir. >> good morning. >> how significant is this? one, how long do you expect him to stick around. many feel holder will stick around until the civil relation legislation. two will his departure mean much. >> this is something that should have happened a long time ago. the least popular member of the administration because is he probably the most corrupt attorney general since the harding administration. you know, we have had fast and furious. we are had new blank black panthers, khalid sheikh
7:26 am
mohammed. interesting and tough is how he calls it i think americans think it's something else. >> let's -- who is the replacement? who do you think it will be? janet napolitano. >> they have talked about janet napolitano. they have talked about the devol patrick, the former assistant attorney general for civil rights now the governor of massachusetts. i like it's like the who. new boss same as the old boss except clone hands. eric holder's replacement won't have the baggage that eric holder has. they should not necessarily rejoice at their departure. number of cases that resulted in millions of dollars in sanctions for being frivolous. he fired people because of their political views. who would you put it? >> they need a restorative figure like musical mukasey. whenever the bush department suffered they brought in somebody like mukasey who restored things. middle of the road kind of guy
7:27 am
fair and honest broker. i very much doubt you will get that kind of person out of this administration. >> don't hold your breath on that one. janet napolitano is someone that the american people are familiar with. even recent little we saw her out there talking about the recovery from hurricane sandy. any baggage, any knock on her that would be a problem? >> absolutely. her department of homeland security. if you read a lot of the reports now, are engaged in an absolutely lawless border policy. they are not enforcing federal law. they are not enforcing immigration law. they are picking people up and letting them go based on just oral statements that they might be subject to some kind of amnesty. it's outrageous what they are doing in the internals of that department. she ♪ going to be any better to preside over the most powerful federal agency. >> might that sexual harassment lawsuit that we heard about a couple weeks ago resurface and be a problem? >> no question about it. we will learn the details of this strange and wild department she apparently runs.
7:28 am
and i don't suspect based on what we find out. >> christian, thank you for being with us today. >> thanks for something me. >> still ahead, saa screeners now part of a union. while it may make the job better for them, will it put safety in the skies at risk? >> plus. of. >> believe it or not, there is only a little more than a month to go until christmas? well, we are having christmas today. coming up, bass pro shops show off some great gift idea for the whole family. hi, santa. >> hi. >> you can tell me what your special christmas wish might be? [ male announcer ] in blind taste tests, even ragu users chose prego. prego?! but i've bought ragu for years. [ thinking ] woer what other questionable choices i've made? i choose date number 2! whooo! [ sigh of relf ] [ male announcer ] choose taste. choose prego.
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7:32 am
>> we are celebrating christmas. very nice gift that you gave me today, dave. >> hello, ladies from hooters. it's your shot of the morning, our friends from hooters are here. good morning, ladies, a very special sunday offer for our veterans. all veterans active duet, military, can get ten free boneless buffalo wings at restaurants all day tomorrow. the girls part of operation calendar drop. their 2013 calendar is on sale now. of course alli already has her
7:33 am
copy. >> we have samantha from atlanta. marissa is from cincinnati. tyler is is from milwaukee, right? [inaudible] >> close enough. >> and amanda fort lauderdale. >> why are you trying to keep me away from the wings. >> somebody from kentucky by the way. >> what did you say. >> why are you hogging this segment? out of curiosity. >> just the script. sticking to the script. >> i'm going to the philadelphia eagles game tomorrow. i want to tailgate. what's special about these wings? >> well, they are hot, they are spicey, and they are boneless so they are less messy. >> talking about the chicken. >> yes. [ laughter ] >> talk about what you are doing for veterans though because it is important. >> we are doing 10 free wokenless wings for all veterans and active duty personnel. in addition, kicking off operation calendar drop which basically means as a customer you can come in and purchase a calendar not only for yourself but also for someone in the military who is overseas to enjoy. >> hooters are everywhere now, aren't they? >> they were, yes.
7:34 am
we are everywhere. all over the world. >> stick around. first she is going to it do the news. >> first i'm going to get some wings. thanks so much, ladies, great to have you here. meanwhile, let's get to your headlines. a staggering thought one in every five americans on medicaid. new numbers show a record 70.4 million americans were enrolled in the program at some point in the year 2011. that's according to data from for the centers for medicare and medicaid services. also in 2011. there were about 7 million more people on medicare and medicaid than working full time in the u.s. >> meanwhile. more than 40,000 tsa workers now part of a union agreeing to first contract with american federation of government employees. while the union says it means better conditions and evaluations for the workers. republics have criticized the agency for focusing more on their contract perks than airport security. some of the new perks include new uniform shorts to wear on hot days and office space just
7:35 am
for the union. both of which will be paid by the taxpayer. well, forget eye in the sky. just look at the road. st. petersburg, florida. residents are going to be seeing armored trucks rooming streets letting them know that the police are watching them. police rolling out the trucks that have four cameras on them in an effort to battle drugs and prostitution. images shot canningen pulled up on officers many ipad. $30,000 was spent on refurb gishing it. those are your headlines at this hour. let's check in with i think rick because even though sandy, super storm has gone. the disaster is obviously not over for some people along the east coast. there are long lines, gas shortages and new york and new jersey have begun to ration gas. rick, tell us what you are seeing. >> yeah. you know, even this morning driving out here in the dark around 4:30 in the morning there were gas lines that i was seeing. not mile long gas lines but
7:36 am
people about 15 cars deep in gas lines. the food part is i also saw a number of gas tankers going in to fill up the gas. that's good. they are continuing to ration it though. they are on an odd, even cycle in new york as well. but now it's the clean up. we are long beach, long island, one of the places hit. 80% of the power is the latest number is back on. so there is still 20% of people without power and in all of long island about 130,000 still without power. one of the things that's happening is you see all the debris out across the streets. and i have got randy rick lock. >> yes. displu are here from wisconsin. you drive this truck. >> yes, i do. >> tell me, how did you guys get here all the way from wisconsin? >> freeways. [ laughter ] >> what was part of the organization? >> we brought 8 trucks down here. we follow these storms around. and just got a route where we are supposed to show up. >> is that through fema. >> yes, it is through fema, yes. >> so you guys are here.
7:37 am
where does all of this stuff go you? fill up that truck pretty quickly with the amount of debris. >> a amount of practice it. it only goes a few miles from here. it's a big blacktop parking lot and i believe it's going to be ground up and perhaps rehauled and such. >> okay. so that's one of the things that is happening here, guys. water is back on and they say it's safe to drink. the sewage is back on. they are encouraging people to still try to use the outhouses that they brought in to not overwhelm the system. one of the things that's made it hard is because all of this area got flooded with salt water. they possibly can get the power in. but they have to inspect everything first to make sure it's safe. places along the coast it's been much harder for them. that's what's accounting for 20% of people who don't have power. alli, mike, send it back to you. >> thanks, rick. unbelievable. at least there are small steps towards normalcy. salt water shorts everything out. sometimes you have to rebuild the whole process. >> that's what they're
7:38 am
experiencing. >> where is dave? >> is he outside. because is he at santa's wonderland. dave, is it magical? >> it is magical, alli. boneless buffalo wings. that time of year again the countdown has begun with all the spending and gift giving that takes place. it's nice to enjoy some free fun. edwin and tuesday eefers join us to talk about santa's wonderland good to see you both. >> good to see. >> you little early for some. every time bass pro-shops start this wonderful sale it makes me feel like christmas is coming. this is all about the kids really and things you don't have ospend money on. >> all cool. all free. starting tonight at 5:00. santa is going to show up ought all the local bass pro-stores. go online. free photo with him. all kinds of stuff for your family to do there. really exciting time with bass pro-with the santa wonderland. you brought along your wife tuesday some of the crafts
7:39 am
that mom and dad can do. >> one of my favorite things to do with the kids is to take them into santa's wonderland and let them do the crafts each week. for example they will be doing a stuffed owl and other things coming up for the stuffed santa claus. icicle snowman. great free activities for the kids. since it is free there is no reason they can't go every week. if you want to know what the crafts are, go on to pass santa and see the schedule. >> that's for the kids. what are mom and dad looking for this year edwin pass pro-chops. >> everything in the world at pass pro. some of the coolest things for me the slot car track to race your brothers or sisters over there. your family. it's a lot of fun. >> of course, you can get your picture taken with santa. doing that this morning is a young man named matthew. he has a special christmas wish for everyone this morning. >> he does. >> matthew. >> hi. >> reiterate what you wanted to say about what you want
7:40 am
special for christmas. >> well, i want all the people that got hit by sandy that they can have a merry christmas, too. >> that's great. >> that's a wonderful thing for a young man to wish. not about yourself, about everyone else. santa, check back in with you later on to talk about some of the things the kids are asking for. >> very good. >> i know those folks on staten island wish to come through. >> give me a hug. >> pass pro chops starting right now. get in there throughout the program. >> fantastic. can't wait to go in. >> beautiful what they did out there. >> phenomenal what they have been able to put up in 24 hours. >> coming up, some of our navy seals being punished for helping with a video game? and our next guest a former navy seal himself is fired up about that. ask this. where is the punishment for those in the administration who leaked administration about the bin hadden raid in the first place.
7:41 am
>> 23rd installment in 007 in theaters now. up next, we preview the film with the granddaughter of one of the men who inspired the james bond character. >> james bond's granddaughter? >> yes. [ male announcer ] when it comes to the financial obstacles
7:42 am
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>> as we celebrate veterans day and those who serve our country this weekend, fox news wants to help our troops. that's why we launched a new mission called helping heros work. it's a brand new web site that connects veterans to potential employment opportunities if you are an employer looking to hire a veteran or just came back from deployment all you have to do is log on to helping heros work we will post the job and tell you who is hiring. again, it's helping heros work
7:45 am
dot >> meanwhile, seven navy seals have been punished for revealing classified information to a video game maker. senior military officials claim the active duty seals, including one who was a member of the team that killed usama bin laden. violated orders when they consulted on the game medal of honor war fighter without permission. in response, some former seals have expressed outrage over the public reprimand calling the administration hypocritical. if you remember, filmmakers of the upcoming movie about the bin laden raid called zero dark 30 reportedly received special access to classified material about the raid. joining me now former navy seal karl higby. good to he so you, karl. >> good morning, thanks for having me on again. >> let me sort out the facts. would they allow navy seal team six seal members were they allowed to consult with the video game maker or was it
7:46 am
their vefingses of classified material that crossed the line? >> well, they never were approved to consult with a video game maker in the first place. i think this classified information did i you have general's is a catchall for them. they said the same thing when they give me the boot for righting my book battlen othe home front. there was no classified information. i think they used that as an avenue to punish people. and i would be curious to see what classified information they did divulge in any. >> karl, is this do as i say, not as i do after all the administration had several conversations that had been reported with filmmakers up and down. we just saw the national we did graphic heir less than a week ago there is the kathryn bigelow film that is still upcoming. so the administration is allowed to reveal secret information but those who actually serve and put themselves in harm's way they are not allowed. is this hypocritical? >> yeah, absolutely it is. our own admiral. he wrote a book called spec ops while on active duty.
7:47 am
the administration leaked all kinds of information mere hours after usama bin laden. took taxpayer dollars and founded the movie active valor so we could do, what? recruiting? it is definitely do as i say and not as i do. they can do it and make the rules as they go along but if somebody else does something that they just don't like they punish them and they will use that classified information as a catchall. after all leaks have been one of the biggest problems in terms of this administration's niewsht hand lick. the department of defense gave us this statement. they are being charged with vision of article 92. orders violation misuse of command gear and violation of dare election of duty, disclosure of classified material. so, what is happening here is a letter of reprimand and a forfeit of what i'm understanding is two months pay. is that your understanding? is that fair? what should the punishment be? they were all moved from operational status as well. i don't think that's fair.
7:48 am
i think it's not like they put their names out there and going out there and doing these things to get resignation for it if you can do things like that. for instance, the guys from the movie active valor they were told to go up there and do it. this is just a classic example of our military trying to do something, maybe do something on the side. they don't get paid allot. let them do it as long as it is not affecting their ability to operate. >> are you suggesting they should not be punished at all for cuflting on this video game. >> i don't think they should. that's why i startled legal side. i have russian that you willer helped me build. this we intend to collect funds and try to fund legal counsel for people like this. they would have taken them to a court martial.
7:49 am
>> karl higby the author of battlen on the home front. also a former navy seal. thanks for your service. thanks for being here, karl. >> thanks for having plea and check me out on facebook. >> battle on the home as well. coming up, new calls for hillary clinton to testify on the benghazi terror attack. but the state department says she'll be traveling so will she show up? plus, can you call him bond, james bond, but our next guest just calls him grandpa. meet the granddaughter of the man who some say inspired his character next.
7:50 am
7:51 am
7:52 am
7:53 am
>> you are in luck, mr.? >> bond -- james bond. [ laughter ] >> alisyn: 50 years ago last month the world's most famous spy hit the big screen and half a century later the james bond series releases its 23rd film sky fall. >> who doesn't appreciate the occasional twist, mr. -- >> bond, james bond. >> but our next guest says she knows a lot more about bond behind the screen. in fact, her grandfather is one of the men who inspired the character of bond, james
7:54 am
bond. and there she is, imogen lloyd weber. >> great to see you. >> alisyn: how do we know your grandfather was the inexpiration prove it. >> created the character of james bond in 1953. based on all the expand does he worked with all the naval intelligence. one of whom was the grandfather. my grandfather is actually mentioned by name. real name tony hugo the man with the golden gun. >> world war ii. >> world war ii. >> was he involved with d-day? >> my grandfather was behind enemy lines in france. >> really. >> incredible man. we all miss him hugely. yes, i get to call myself james bond's granddaughter. >> that's not bad. we're looking at a picture of your grandfather. >> that's me. holding my little hand. >> oh, my gosh. we know obviously jim's bond is very dashing. what was your grandfather like. >> he wab absolutely scientist, a musician, a linguist, extraordinary man. i mean, a long with that, bond
7:55 am
is a bonding experience. we all love bond, we all have our favorite bonds. i have special thing, that special connection. >> all guys want to be james bond and, of course, we can't be. how close was your grandfather, i mean, have you been -- can he do all that fun stuff, fancy stuff? dangerous stuff? >> way back when he actually wrote a book about it called the hazard. way back when. it's somewhat different now with the bond movie. everything has evolved somewhat. i just saw the new bond movie yesterday. all about cyber terrorism. that's wasn't around some years ago. >> weighs good with the ladies? >> well, he got married to my grandmother. had four children. very happily married. slightly different. i think bond 88 bond girls. >> is that right? >> over the past 50 years. >> who your favorite bond? >> that's a very good question. i think daniel craig is great. >> i like him, too. >> post fallen word. a bit more serious. one liners in sky fall.
7:56 am
you have to go with conry. don't you? >> the classic. >> you really do absolutely. >> why do you think this franchise has existed for 50 years? >> i think, a bit like the royal families i like to say. institution that has trade marks in place. locations, the girls, the guns, the gadgets, at the same time evolves over time. and bond certainly has kept up with the times, is he familiar. >> it's the humor. the ribbon of humor that goes through the films, too. >> there are a lot more one liner in sky fall. humor has been brought back. got very serious after the success of bond. >> by the way, andrew lloyd weber is her dad. >> my mom's dad. >> good d.n.a. on your part. imogen lloyd weber thanks so much for coming. in fun family history. we appreciate it. >> coming up. 49% of americans are on government assistance. what is going on in this country? is america in a cultural decline? governor mike huckabee is
7:57 am
here. first time we can talk to him after the election. >> that will be exciting. >> should be good. stick around. begin. tomato, obviously. haha. there's more than that though, there's a kick to it. wahlalalalallala! smooth, but crisp. it's kind of like drinking a food that's a drink, or a drink that's a food, woooooh! [ male announcer ] taste it and describe the indescribable. could've had a v8. but don't just listen to me. listen to these happy progressive customers. i plugged in snapshot, and 30 days later, i was saving big on car insurance. with snapshot, i knew what i could save before i switched to progressive. the better i drive, the more i save. i wish our company had something this cool. you're not filming this, are you? aw! camera shy. snapshot from progressive. test-drive snapshot before you switch. visit today.
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>> alisyn: good morning, everyone. it's saturday, november 10th. i'm alisyn camerota. thank you for joining us. the man who leads the department of secrets has a screeft his own. general david petraeus resigning over an affair days before he is set to testify over benghazi is that suspicious timing? we will ask governor mike huckabee his thoughts ahead. >> nearly half of americans depend on government handouts. is this a sign that america is in cultural decline? we report. you decide. >> for the first time since sandy knocked out all the power around here, lady liberty is shining once again. but guess what? thousands of americans who were hit hard by this storm have still sitting cold and powerless 12 days later. we'll hear from some of those people. >> i have an idea.
8:01 am
let's do another hour of "fox & friends." >> great idea. >> how about two more. >> let's do it. ♪ >> you better watch out ♪ you better not cry ♪ better not pout ♪ i'm telling you why. >> santa's wonderland. >> it is santa's wonderland. >> look at the camera and say merry christmas. >> it's not too early. >> what do you want for christmas? >> you are wonderful. >> really, that's perfect. >> hmmm i'm going to have to think about that christmas is catching me a little off guard this season. >> november 10. >> with the help of pass pro we are going to -- bass pro. >> young man hopes everyone
8:02 am
can recover from long island. stated ten island and the region. nice to it hear kids thinking of others. >> this is 48th and 6th. they will love. >> santa's workshop. >> mike will bring you coffee, too. >> sure. >> we have a lot to tell you about this hour. many new jersey drivers forced to wait in these long lines for gas. they also might have been overcharged. the attorney general has filed lawsuits against seven gas stations saying that they hiked their prices excessively in the days following sandy. one station charging as much as a a .5.50 a gallon. cannot increase prices more than 10%. >> there is no indication that complaints we're filing that any of those costs are due to legitimate increased costs that those businesses incur. >> one hotel is also being charged with price gouging. secretary of state hillary clinton is being asked again to testify before a
8:03 am
congressional committee on the benghazi terror attack. the house foreign affairs committee's first request to appear at their hearing next thursday was turned down because clinton will be overseas. committee planning second hearing on november 26th and invited clinton to testify then. meanwhile u.n. secretary susan rice is the top candidate to replace clinton when she leaves her post. despite the controversy surrounding rice's response to the benghazi terror attacks. current and former white house officials say rice is still close with the president and shares his views on foreign policy. well, two different countries, two very different stories. iran's defense minister now claiming that two iranian planes did shoot at a u.s. drone over the persian gulf. iran claims the drone was within its airspace when fired upon. the white house has said the drone was flying in international airspace. the unmanned drone was not damaged. >> lady liberty lighting up new york harbor for the first time since super storm sandy hit. the statue serves as a beacon
8:04 am
of hope for other storm victims. liberty island was badly damaged during the storm. bring and stone walkways were torn up and docks ripped apart. power is also out. so crews are using a temporary lighting system powered by generators to light up the statue. it is shut down indefinitely until repairs can be made. >> i know a lot of people would go live in the crown right now because they are still without power. >> two weeks later. >> they are miserable in parts of new york, new jersey and connecticut and continuing our coverage of sandy's aftermath the power still out for hundreds of thousands of people in long island. that's where you will find rick reichmuth this morning. some of the damage there hey, rick. >> hey, dave. >> you know, before the storm, we said people will be without power likely for well over a week because of the imagine tiewfd the storm and 8 million people at one point without power. in new york now, it's over -- just over 400,000. on long island alone it's about 130,000 people. but they are making improvement here in long
8:05 am
beach. they are saying only 20% of people without power. i just talked to the guy who owns this house. he does not have power left. he believes it's coming back today. is he hopeful. i want to show you right here inside the garage, if you can see that that's the water mark. so water, we're about six blocks away from the bay on one side and six blocks away from the ocean on the other side. this area completely filled up with water. now, he has unloaded his house and all the stuff that has been destroyed. but it's all sitting out here on the side of the street. and all the streets are like this. last hour out here scooping all of this stuff up. and taking it away. but it's such a big long process. when you think about how long long island is. it's 100 miles long at least. new jersey. so many places, guys, with all of these problems. it's important for people to know if you need fema. show up at your home. number 1-800, 621-fema to
8:06 am
register to get the assistance that they can provide. they obviously also bringing in these trucks and all of the backup resources. you know. such a big long process. 12 days out here. if you don't have power and it's been cold. it's certainly a rough one. guys? >> it's brutal. thanks so much for that fema reminder. that's really helpful. in the meantime we want to bring in governor mike huckabee. former arkansas governor and of course host of huckabee on fox news channel. nice to he so you. >> good to be here. >> as the former governor of arkansas what do you think as you watch the other governors respond to this crisis. >> i think the disaster was let with another disaster. it does not appear that there has been the kind of hands on absolute take charge leadership that i would expect to see. >> not even chris christie who was famously. >> i don't know enough about what is specifically happening in new jersey. i know when i see these pictures and i talk to a number of people, many of whom i work with either here or on radio on long island and
8:07 am
staten island. absolutely incrucible. my state was without power two thirds of the state for a significant time. 2000 big ice storm, wiped out. you couldn't get to people because the ice on the roads in addition to the trees. here is what you do. you first call together every resource you have. governors have a resource called emac. a lot of people don't know about it a consortium of all 50 governors ask for the assets that any state has. c 130s, helicopters, major trucks. i don't hear it i do hear that people have been turned away when they come i worked down in philly monday through friday. i watch the daily briefings by governor christie he is hands on. different community every single day. it seems like everybody is pretty darn impressed. 2.3 million people without power. i think they are down to 11,000 without power. >> cuomo is getting more criticism. we want to move on to the story coming out of the pentagon and david petraeus
8:08 am
head of the cia resigning on friday. stunning the entire country both in and out of government. it is, of course, because of an affair with his biographyer. there is a loft questions being raised. one, should he have to testify on thursday as to what happened in benghazi. rights now he is not scheduled to. number two, what about this timing? it seems too odd that dianne feinstein said the president shouldn't have accepted his resignation. this isn't enough to cause a resignation. so what about the suspicious timing of this right before benghazi right after the election? >> it is suspicious. it is is all coincidence it's the most amazing coincidence i have seen in our lifetime. long standing honorable career. you hate to see the last memory of him. it's like joe paterno. you know, you have this stellar career for such a long time. the last memory you have of him is not a good one. >> does the resignation allow him to dodge an investigation? >> it shouldn't. i think he is still -- in
8:09 am
fact, i think he will want to go. you know, there is a sense of honor about a person who has been the kind of soldier he has been for all of these years of his career. i think he will want to go. and now i guess is he a private citizen. >> there shouldn't be anything sphopg him. >> that's what ambassador bolton said as well your sentiment on friday. nothing standing in the way. >> if he does fail to testify. then it will create more questions than he has to put up with. >> should he resign? >> the only problem with that is in a position of that kind of trust and integrity. to violate a moral code that he knows and he admitted was extreme violation of that sense of honor it may be difficult to go forward -- if the leadership of his agency is going to be marred by controversy, yes, then at some point you have to step aside. not because it's necessary to do your job.
8:10 am
distractions and forever that image is just simply not something you can live with. >> how will it effect our intelligence and that war on terror? >> the most important thing is to put someone in charge of the cia very quickly who has the respect of the people in the intel community. >> alisyn: who is that? >> it could be. it cannot, must not be a political appointment. someone for whom this is a plumb of politics. we have got to have a competent person who has the respect. there is a lot of people in the intelligence community from people i have talked to very demoralized. frustrated. these are honorable, good, decent people that work hard. they don't get paid that much money. they put their lives on the line. they really do serve this country. they can't go out and brag about it. they don't even get medals for it they don't get anything. all they get is the satisfaction of knowing they kept us safe in ways we will never ever ever ever know. and they deserve to make sure that the integrity of their agency is absolutely utmost.
8:11 am
>> you think the benghazi investigation continues a pace? it is not a set back. >> i think it accelerators. even ramps up, not ramps down. >> there will be even more coverage of it. even from media outlets who haven't been covered because of this. >> they can't ignore this anymore. i think they tried to ignore it in many ways because of the election. didn't want to mess that up. so they covered, you know, the response to sandy. not the lack of response to benghazi. it was, you know, a political benefit to the president. benghazi leaves a lot of unanswered questions. i think president obama may be dogged most of his second term with benghazi. >> governor, stick around, because we want to talk about this now 49% of americans are on some form of government assistance. so what does that say about this country? does that mean america is somehow in decline or should the governor have some thoughts on that. >> american college students saying ai have a to the united states to get cheaper
8:12 am
educations overseas, the numbers may shock you. ps? ps? you did, bob. i just asked a question. it takes a long time to pack a bowling ball. the last guy pitched more ball packers. but you... you consulted ups. you fod a better way. that's logistics. that's margin. find out what else ups knows. i'll do that. you're on a roll. that's funny. i wasn't being funny, bob. i know.
8:13 am
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8:15 am
crest. life opens up when you do. >> alisyn: has u.s. become the government handouts. today half of american households receive some form of government help and that's up 30% since 1983. is the country in a cultural decline? and if it is, can we turn it around? governor? >> i don't think it's as much a cultural decline economic decline. what we are in is a world of hurt. a lot of the programs that we have that the government makes available are programs that right now are a lifeline to people. for example, people want to
8:16 am
criticize medicaid. but if you ever have known families for whom their children, the only medical service they get is through medicaid. you don't begrudge that because you would have kids that would be totally just vulnerable and helpless. look at unemployment. some 9 the weeks without stringent measures of having to work or do something to get it sure that's a problem. many of the programs we have it's not the program's fault. it's the way we administer. no requirements for people have to do something to get the benefits. it's really more a sign of the economy than it is the culture. >> politically he though, it's popular to say we are your safety net. we are here for you. we are going to extend unemployment benefits. how do you turn this around. >> do it like we did the welfare system in the 90's. everybody thought that oh that was going to ruin people's lives. you know what happened? we got all the people more than half off of welfare. the only people left on welfare essentially were the people who needed to be onen welfare. >> you need bipartisan agreement on that. you can't have one party with
8:17 am
that's sage. >> you do have a prop problem with that do i think you can reach it most americans, look. the big myth people are on welfare because they want to be. i disagree with that when republicans say that i want to slap them in the face and say you must not know many poor people. poor people don't want to be poor. >> that's why mitt romney took so much heat when he said 47% of americans see themselves as victims. he seemed callus because who are you going to take off the rolls? the veterans? the elderly in the poverty stricten? where do you start trying to boil this number down since nobody is comfortable with this number. where do you start. >> to be fair i think he was talking about that there weren't any electoral reasons for him to go out there. they were not going to be a constituency. he could depend on. he had to win the election with a 53% that weren't in that category. so, that aid soovmentd i think the republic message has got to be we understand that people who are poor don't want to be there. what we want to do is help them not to be poor. we would like them to choose any number of the cheeses in
8:18 am
the grocer's cabinet rather than say this is your block of government chees you don't have an option. >> get rid of the people cheating the system, how do we do that? >> that's a small fraction though, isn't it? >> it's a much smaller fraction than people think. you always hear about the person. there are those who cheat and abuse the system. there are people for whom the system is their lifeline and food on their kids' table. you don't want to take that away. you really don't. not in a country like ours. what you want to do is to make clear and decisive examples of punishment to those who abuse it when you find fraud deal with it wean off of a government program. it's not that you have to suck it up and live through the interim that you actually do better as you make the steps. that's what we did with welfare reform and it worked beautifully. >> in the 90's, in the 90's. >> what's tonight on the show 9:00 eastern time. >> one of the things we have. we have lindsey graham will be talking about obviously
8:19 am
petraeus situation as well as benghazi. we have sue and also my grandchildren. it's a shameless display. >> alisyn: of cuteness? >> why not. >> have them get out in the plaza and meet santa. i'm telling you it's worth watching the show. kathie lee gifford will be with us. >> have wine then if she is coming. >> in we will see what we can do. coming. >> >> alisyn: coming up. can you believe this punk wants some sympathy? listen to this. he killed 77 people and now you won't believe what he wants from his prison guards. >> plus, movie up coming to life. one man 3 65 balloons. we will tell you about the challenge of a lifetime ahead. >> i would do that. >> not. [ timers ringing ]
8:20 am
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>> celebrated veterans day this weekend and those who serve our country. fox news wants to help out our troops. that's why we have launched a new mission called helping heros work. it's a brand new web site that connects veterans to employment opportunities. all you have to do is to log on to helping heros work we will tell you who is tell how is hiring. helping heros work
8:24 am check it out. >> for our afghan and iraqi vets the unemployment rate is 10%. anything we can do to help. for 237 years. the united states marine corps has been keeping us safe at home and abroad. but with tensions continuing to mount in the middle east, what does the future of the u.s. military look like? >> joining us now is the deputy commandant of aviation for the u.s. marine corps. lt. general robert e. smiddle. general, nice to have you with us. >> it's great to be here with you this morning. >> happy birthday. >> thank you very much. >> you look great. >> for 237. >> yeah. >> for 237. [ laughter ] >> so much talk lately about the future of the military, what size it should be. you will remember during the debates all sorts of talks about bayonets and whether or not. >> horses. >> if those are old fashioned. what does the future of the military look like to you? i can speak what the future of
8:25 am
marine aviation looks like. it's exciting time for us in marine aviation. we are currently bringing three new platforms into airplanes into the inventory. the v-22 off stray that you have seen so much of that is now combat proven in afghanistan and iraq, we have a new utility and attack helicopter that we are bringing in and also, of course, the f-35. the joint strike fighter that we stood up the first training and we are getting ready to stand up the first operational squadron here in the next couple of weeks. very exciting time for us. we in marine aviation are very proud of our 100 years of heritage. this is our centennial this year. we are most proud of the fact though quite frankly that we are marines first and aviators second. that he we are part of an incident freighted team. we always have been. we are proud of the fact that as i said that we are marines first and aviators second.
8:26 am
>> carrier jets and hornets. >> cool. >> in the day of drones and things like that, how are we transitioning? as far as aircraft is concerned? i mean, what are you practicing without giving any secrets of quantico? >> i think that first of all, you have got some very good genes in your family. >> had nothing to do with me, general. my brother. >> that are flying hairiers and hornets. as far as unmanned or drone, we are, in fact, bringing those into the marine corps. we have been for years. using surveillance platforms. but, in terms of the tactics that we use and the training that we use, it's designed to leverage the lessons that we have learned in the last 10 years of conflict. as well as looking forward. as we look into the future and look at the kind of threats that are out there. we try to develop the kinds of tactics and responses that we would have that we would be able to bring to bear to deal with those kind of things.
8:27 am
the marine corps as you know is the nation's crisis response force. that's what we do. and so marine aviation has got to be prepared to be able to be part of that team. which we are. so that we can respond instantly when the nation has a crisis, whether it's a humanitarian crisis, whether it's a conflict, a war fighting conflict. so we train across the spectrum of. >> general, thank you for being with us. happy birthday again. have a great day tomorrow. >> thank you very much. i'm getting ready to celebrity our birthday here this afternoon. so thank you very much. >> have a great time. we are too with a cake coming up. thank you. >> by the way my brother tom is lt. colonel in the air force. is he retired now. >> he is the one with the good genes. >> and then there is me. >> gotcha. >> let's move along. two weeks since super storm sandy and thousands of people are still without power. they are cold. they need help. our brian kill need is still without power. >> i know. >> will let's talk to him aftere break. >> newly elected president obama vowing to raise taxes, how will this effect your
8:28 am
paycheck in the important changes you need to know coming up. [ timers ringing ] [ male announcer ] it's that time of year. time for campbell's green bean casserole. you'll find the recipe at ♪ campbell's. it's amazing what soup can do.
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>> alisyn: you can believe it, the new york state here is still dealing with the aftermath of super storm sandy. look at this devastation. this is long beach, new york. and it's still digging out. thousands of people at this hour are still in the dark, frustrations are growing as you can imagine as they are trying to get some help. >> we're going to go now to rick reichmuth who is there live there this morning. if there is any silver lining, rick, it's that warm temperatures are on the way, right? >> i'm sorry, dave, say that one more time. somebody else was in high ear. >> i said if there is any good news for the people in long island and staten island, there is some warm temperatures on the way? >> there is. and that's really good news. i mean, you had a storm like this that caused so many power outages and then it's been in the 30's and 40s for the last 2 or 13 days. and a snow storm. so people are wet and cold. and now there is a little bit of warmth. this morning already we are into the mid 40s. we're going to have about three days of temperatures that are even all the way into the mid 60's. so a bit of a warm-up.
8:33 am
it's about wednesday of this next week when cooler temps come back in. we have got that amount of time i would say where they have to get the power back on for people. it's getting better. there are about 130,000 people on long island alone still without power that's down from the 960,000 that it was at the peak. for a lot of people that is not quick enough. there sobbously a lot of debris around and trash. lower level of long beach was flooded. people had to clear out all of that lower level. a lot of people have abandoned the place and gone to stay with relatives or stay in hotels. but the people who have been waiting it out here it's been a difficult time for them. power coming back. in talking with a couple of people out here who are busy and don't have time to come and talk to us here. the moment i get them they say facebook is a very, one of the best ways they have been getting information. long beach has set up a facebook page. put up information about where power is status of it is. get food. where there is assistance.
8:34 am
how they can register for fema. all those sorts of things. i know clayton is not here today. social media obviously playing a big help. >> for sure. can you keep your smart phone and your computer charged somehow. >> challenge. >> absolutely. thank you, rick, clayton is very warm location. i won't reveal it. but it's very warm this morning. >> meanwhile, "fox & friends" co-host brian kilmeade not so warm. he is in long island as we have discussed arguably the hardest hit region in the tristate area. is he on the phone with us this morning with the very latest. brian, it's all aimed at long island power authority. how many people are out of power and how bad is it there? >> i will tell you what, i think it's upwards of what rick mentioned. line lipa. they were working huge teams compared to previous weeks. previous days rather. and people have alabama to north carolina were rolling through the neighborhood where
8:35 am
the politicians were 10 days ago saying a couple days. even lipa admits communication has been bad. for the most part they feel they tax this community more than any other utility in the country. they are the highest taxed. we are getting the actual least response in terms of support, in terms of communications, in terms it of service. and they just didn't seem to have a plan in place. and now it seems as though they might be getting their act together if they can do it before the weekend. the big team, water damage. if you have water in your house. they don't want to turn your house on in the think until this check it out. how can they check it out if you are not home and not communicating to get to us because cell phone service has been so bad. they had nobody on the grounds to explain things. checkpoints. hey, you are in there. it's going to be another five days. inside another seven days. on top of that the gas problem is ridiculous. last night 25 to 50 cars deep. >> of course, brian, one of the biggest frustrations for
8:36 am
all the folks who live where do you is that they can't get answers from line pavment line parks you -- lipa. here is the executive staff. purge walking street to street and explaining when power should be coming back on. michael deering. environmental crisis there paul decotis. v.p. power markets. make also a lizanich they have a lot to answer to when people get their life and phones back. >> new jersey 3 million people without power. almost all of them are back on. why are they so good at this and not lipa, brian? >> i have no idea. so from frustrating for me to se
8:37 am
give the president high marks for walking around with governor christie when new york and long island there was no communication no, effort to rebuild and plan in place prior doing or afterwards. rudy giuliani sat on that very couch and said even if we totally screwed up and didn't plan correctly there is this thing called airport. jfk and laguardia. you could have flown planes of water and generators and mobile homes in and got this on the fly instead, they didn't even try. >> the president is supposed to be there on long island on thursday. maybe it's time to have the army come in. >> governor cuomo get with the program. brian kilmeade, thanks so much for joining us. best of luck out there this weekend, my friend. >> you guys, too. keep it up. >> headlines aurevoir. i can't do it as well as mike did. canadian and u.k. recruiters over 10,000 are enrolled in canadians schools and 15,000 are studying in the u.k. even
8:38 am
with extra fees charged to international students. the average cost per year can be thousands less than american universities. >> he confessed to killing 77 people in a bombing, in a shooting rampage in norway. now, he is complaining about his jail time. his attorney says he has written a long letter to prison officials claiming to be held in inhuman conditions. he says he has been given a soft, stab resistant safety pen to write with and it hurts his hand. prison officials have not commented on the letter. he is serving a 21 year sentence. it has to be more than that. >> one would think, huh? >> and it's like a scene out of a movie. [ laughter ] so long, boys. i will send you a postcard from paradise.
8:39 am
>> not just any movie one of my favorites. a cluster balloonist taking on a challenge of a lifetime. try to fly across the atlantic ocean using 365 helium balloons. he does have some experience. he became the first person to fly the english channel this way. but he says he is learning how to sail a life boat in case he has to ditch the balloons and ends up in the ocean. >> as always, the question is why? >> why not? we asked why not, michael. >> where is alli. >> outside in santa's wonderland. hey, alli. >> that's right. i have taken a super shettle to the north pole. i'm here -- actually i'm in midtown, manhattan. santa's wonderland, we are learning this morning what all there is to do and see, here i'm with edwin evers from bass pro-shops. tell us what you can do here in santa's wonderland. >> what we are introducing
8:40 am
right now is the bass pass. we expect to give away a million free photos with santa so this can help your time to be able to shop in the store. you don't have to wait as long as. stop by the bass pass. >> you get like a fast track. >> exactly. >> is that what you are doing in here tuesday. >> exactly. virtual time in line. all you do is come by and pick up your pass and enjoy the bass pro stores and all the stuff they are offering during the christmas time and come back for appointed dime for picture. >> that's a huge advancement. instead of waiting in line show us things that can be done. >> this elf on the shelf. it's something can you do right now really a tradition. what it is, the story about the elk. and you hide it or put it in your child's room. and you read the story and then the he can -- elk watches over. sneak in there at night. story comes alive. a unique tradition. >> a little creepy but great and entertaining to keep your kids on the ball. >> we got the peekaboo bear.
8:41 am
literally adorable. playing peekaboo with your child. got a remote control helicopter. the remote control truck. my coolest is this racetrack right here. come back here. i would like to race you. >> we are going to race right now. >> e, yeah. >> can we get these little guys involved? who are our helpers? >> we have emma, julia and daniel. they are excited to be here with all the toys. they have been out here playing at the racetrack all morning. >> hi, guys, welcome to santa's workshop and wonderland. are you guys having a good time. >> yes. >> what have you been doing out here? >> well,. >> racing? >> yes. >> good, that's excellent. good answer how does this work? mark set go, you got the faster car. >> oh, yeah, baby. oh. no i passed you at the conservative. i like this. >> it's really cool. i want one of these really bad in my house. >> will he be getting this for christmas? >> it's always a possibility.
8:42 am
we love to play games. santa over there with the kids. great. high guys, hello, great to have you all. hi, santa. if you are anywhere in at temperature kesse of pass pro shops. thanks for telling us all you can do. doing a great job out here. go back inside to the guys. >> thanks, alli, nice job. some would say that the president's first priority raising your taxes, fox business network's we love nicole, don't we. >> we do indeed. nicole pedestrian leads with the breakdown of how he wants to change your tax codes. what it means to your wallet ahead. >> pretty in pink. you .
8:43 am
8:44 am
8:45 am
8:46 am
>> welcome back, president obama speaking yesterday in the east room of the white house. and asking both republicans and democrats to try to come together to solve this fiscal problem. the fiscal crisis. and one of the major ways to solve the fiscal crisis, apparently is reforring the tax code. >> so what should taxpayers know about changes coming their way? joining us now though break it down is fox business network's nicole pedestrian -- pedestrian petalides. >> good to see you as well. >> the tax increases that start in 2013. where do we start with those? >> right away. so everybody has fiscal cliffs blues to a certain extent. we are seeing it across the board and basically the whole idea is how taxes are going up across the board in many ways whether it's a state tax, payroll tax. dividends and cap gains. just to maim a -- name a few. >> it would raise the tax rate to almost 37% for people making over 250,000.
8:47 am
>> right. for example. over 250,000 for a married couple would go from 33% up to 36%. >> how about those folks in the middle class, from my understanding you are talking about $2,000. even for those people below 250,000? >> it's true. it really is across the board. it's certainly aimed at, you know, this administration has the mentality, it's a pay your fair share mentality. it's a you didn't build that mentality. certainly not favorable to businesses. small business owners are talking about concerns about growth and hiring and expansion that they are not interested in doing. >> nicole i have a question. >> yeah. >> the buffet rule. >> right. >> what is that? >> buffet rule is supposed to be in alternative minimum tax which basically was supposed to say that everybody at a certain -- who makes a certain minimum amount of money and then you go over to the buffet rule. warren buffet that's taxing people over a million dollars. that they should pay no less than 30%. but, even warren buft, whom i
8:48 am
have spoken with personally. he meant it for 25 million; in new york $250,000, even a million dollars, everything is relative. it depends what city you live. >> in that's for sure. >> the estate tax which could well go up to over 50% which is huge. let's be honest people have already paid taxes on that money. that's double taxation. >> that one kill me by the way. >> not as much as the capital gains. if you raise capital gains the fear is you kill investment. what is set to happen there with capital gains. >> capital gains and difntedz. that's on the rise. can you see it going up 15% to 20%. i was going to say romney. but romney wanted to get rid of a lot of these taxes, to promote grote and promote reinvestment to help our g.d.p. we are already seeing models for next year for g.d.p. to come down. you could hear words of recession being thrown around again because when you are
8:49 am
taxing everybody to death. what they are not doing is they're not spending. and they are not hiring. so, the mentality of taxing everybody to death to try and pay for entitlement programs is not really -- >> -- why did the stock market take a dip? was it german greece and all of that. >> really, i would say it's right here. you talk about dividends, ilities, telecoms, everybody invests in these things. it's a great idea. it's not a great idea anymore. >> nicole petallides, catch her on the fox business network. thanks for being in this morning. >> thanks. >> a company forced to lay off more than 100 workers because the president was reelected? is that true? let discuss that. ladies, football fashion isn't the only -- isn't just for the guys. up next, show you the perfect outfit to cheer on your perfect team whether you are in the stands or home on the couch. home gating. >> i love this show. >> it ain't bad, mike. it ain't bad.
8:50 am
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now more than ever droid does.
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>> alisyn: he is the wife of jets owner susie johnson and suzanne diswrons. she teamed up to make sure female football fans can look and party their best either at the game or when they are at home. joining us is suzanne johnson good to have you here. >> good morning, thanks for having me. >> you will introduce us to football she can what we should be wearing while watching the game. >> last year the nfl has really provided certain pieces for women. the platform has really evolved into more trendy pieces. that's what we will show you today pairs with anything in your closet.
8:54 am
what's your first example here. >> i'm going to get to this shirt. about a year ago. i partnered with georgina chapman. top i'm wearing. >> i love that football bling. >> made out of beautiful jersey material and the they are known for delicate beading and fill agree. she did the jets logo that way. did it in a black and white theme. that's something you can wear out to dinner. that's something we were missing is eloquent and she shek and wear out to dinner. this is a great new piece. limited edition selling like hot cakes. >> show us other examples. >> going on to the first look here we have shanna showing us giants pride. wearing 47 brand off campus t-shirt. she pairs that with a really comfortable red suit to go with the color scheme and flat boots going to be at home
8:55 am
relaxing. game time glitz watch big seller with nfl logo on it with the giants. it's a great at home look. hanging out with your husband and kids just having a little party. >> alisyn: let's see the next look thank you very much. >> this next look is my favorite because it's julian folk. she is wearing her jets stadium look. i'm always at the stadium. this shirt is one of my favorite pieces. every year i pick a jets piece i give to my girlfriends and forced to wear it all season. this piece is touched by alyssa lace top $44. she coupled that with straight jeans, boots, she is going to be walking around the stadium and has that game time glitz watch for $34. which makes the look. it looks fantastic on her. >> looks great and warm and toasty as well. next, very glamorous look for football sheik. >> our next look is worn by helen burke. she is engaged to hayden. today she is sporting the beautiful sheik evening game
8:56 am
time look. she is hosting it. she is wearing an all sports can a tore with the saints logo on it stackable rings and a bracelet. she makes it it cute. blazer make it her own and elegant at dinner party. >> only 30 seconds left. tell me what home gating is. >> sometimes you can't make it to the stadium have something at the house. do something casual. chip and dip plate. you have for chicken wings, beer mugs for something with the guys. if you are being more elegant like your all saints look. you have fabulous cheese plattle made with nfl logo. cutting boards, beautiful wine glasses. >> really up the ante. >> you are kicking it up a notch this morning. it's all great stuff. thanks so much for showing us. guys really like it too. >> yes, we do: we have more "fox & friends" for you in two minutes. what are you eating my friends? i'm out shipping these.
8:57 am
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so switch to regions. and let's get going. together.
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>> good morning, everyone, it's saturday, november 10th, i'm alisyn camerota a shocker in the intelligence world. general david petraeus resigns before testifying for benghazi, is that perfect timing? we report, you decide. >> and president obama planned forward in the second terment is that to tax the rich. >> i'm not going to ask middle class family to pay down the deficit people like me making over $250,000, not asked to pay a time more of taxes. >> is congress on board, the coming fiscal cliff. >> mike: it's been two weeks
9:01 am
since the superstorm sandy, and people are still without power and freezing. where is the help? we have the latest. the fourth hour of this saturday edition of "fox & friends" begins right now. ♪ >> oh, it's a winter wonderland here at "fox & friends" courtesy of bass pro shop. see the kids having a heyday with the toys they may get from good ole st. nick. and amazing they brought that in here and set up on the plaza. just imagine what you'll get from bass pre-shop. and that looks like a television studio, but it's not. it's a giant tent outside of
9:02 am
48th and 6th there in manhattan. >> that's great. >> speaking of what's here today. mike jerrick in for clayton morris, sunning himself. >> mike: yes? >> he won't confirm his location, but he's-- >> it's a huge news day after the bombshell. >> mike: a situation like this, a scandal involving proving general petraeus, cia, stand for caught in the act. >> dave: show it to us, michael, caught in the act. you can imagine a lot of the headlines that came out. >> mike: how about this one. >> dave: with this story. because of course, cloak and shagger, and many are going with david "betray-us".
9:03 am
a well respected man on both sides of the aisle, helped turn around the war in iraq and helped things going in afghanistan and everyone owes a debt of gratitude and his resignation stunned the country all 0 affair with his biographer and many thought it shouldn't be. >> alisyn: i very much regret the resignation of david petraeus, i wish president obama had not accepted this resignation, but i understand and step the decision. david petraeus, all against should be grateful for his service. he was 37 years in, and a one time presidential candidate. so, all this have has been, quite shocking to the intelligence community, to the military community and we lrl
9:04 am
had tony safer on "fox & friends" and he said that actually what this is is a big distraction from the issue of benghazi. >> all roads lead back to the first 24 hours where my sources and cia officers reporting accurately up their chain of command that this was a terrorist-- act of terrorism in benghazi, somehow, that got derailed and for days almost two weeks that presidential daily brief said it was a video. why is that? and we've got get to the bottom of that. general petraeus sits in a very critical node of whatever happened. and i think he must talk to the people, the american people to congress about what he knew and what the issue is. frankly, i think some of this has to do with his departure and trotted out it trying to distract from some of the issues. that's the only reason i could think of the timing. >> mike: dave and ali, connect the dots for me. why is his resigning, why will that prevent us from getting
9:05 am
information from benghazi, he should be called to testify. >> dave: not necessarily. he has the not yet. it's his deputy director who has been called and should he? i think it's a no-brainer. i think that everybody would want to testify and clear the air and back up the cia's at of the events. >> alisyn: and governor huckabee told us last hour, if he somehow does not testify as a result of resigning, well, then, obviously eyebrows are raised and means that anybody all of this was a cover for something. at the moment it seems like this is just a very he unfortunate piece of his long distinguished stellar resume' and that he has to go out on this note. by the way, the fbi figured this out according to stories this morning, because they were investigating some security breach into his computer and they then unearthed all of these steamy e-mails that he had reportedly exchanged with his biographer. so-- >> her name is paula broadwell. she just a few days ago wrote.
9:06 am
david petraeus' rules of living. number five, on his rules of we all make mistakes, to learn from them and take off the rear view mirrors, drive on and and void making them again. how ironic those were his words of living written days ago by the biographer, with whom he had an affair. >> mike: she's married. >> dave: yes. >> mike: with a couple of kids. >> dave: and families ruined here and david petraeus' wife has served this country nobly and done a lot for vet advance and active troops as well. >> mike: and interviewed her it would have months ago in philadelphia, a great woman. >> alisyn: we'll keep you updated. >> dave: and a desperate situation following superstorm sandy, long lines, gas shortages have new york and new jersey rationing gas and people quite frankly lose all
9:07 am
of their patience icht because they've lost all of their power and especially on long island, new york. we'll not forget about staten island and parts of the jersey shore. rick reichmuth is in long beach, new york, on long island, yeah, a great point, woo we're here in long beach still without power and difficulty getting gas. and i drove in this morning at about 4:30 in the morning, lines for getting gas about 15 deep. and people in the middle of the night to avoid the lines and a number of tankers i drove by and there is a little more supply out here at least for people and it's also been incredibly cold for the last days since the storm moved through. we've had a snowstorm and temps below average every one of those days for the last 12 days, but a little bit of hope with warm temps coming in. take a look at the weather
9:08 am
map, currently already today we're in the 40's across the areas of new york, so, 47 in new york city, which is warmer than you've been for your daytime highs for the last number of days, that's wonderful. tomorrow, temps into the mid 60's, lower 60's i should say and mid 60's by monday and tuesday. there's a bit after break here. the satellite and radar picture, that rain is not a big problem, bringing cloud cover at times today, but nothing we're going to be concerned about at least across the area that's been affected and not having any power. across the west i've got to tell you, there's a monster storm out here, going to be bringing up to three to four feet across the elevations in the rockies and blizzard conditions across parts of montana and north dakota and along with that as long as the the storm moves east across areas of nebraska, kansas and into oklahoma, a wind and hail event and folks certainly need to watch out for that. the west has turned cold and the east is turning warmer and
9:09 am
right now we'll take it with the warmer temps in the east and certainly people without power, we need it. about 130,000 people guys, across long island without power and 12 days after the storm. >> thank god for warm temperatures, rick. >> alisyn: as frustration grows for sandy's victims, two long island congressmen are going the department of the to step in and get something done. and congressman peter king and asking the army corps of engineers, taking over from the long island power north, whose work they called abysmal. and victims say what's worse is the lack of answers. >> the power is off, but some of us who actually get power, once that grid is turned on and the power is turned on we don't have power because most of our electrical boxes are underwater and electricians in and power, it's time.
9:10 am
we need the power on so we can get our lives rebuilt. >> alisyn: so true and they said they hope to have 75% of power restored by tuesday, but 60,000 customers had severe flood damage it will take extensive repair. questions whether four americans could have been saved from the terror attack in benghazi, according to the pentagon's newly released timeline, a special ops team in croatia were told to prepare, but the team did not alive at a base in southern italy 18 hours later long after the attack was over. the military insists there were no military aircraft that could have responded in time to save the men. a military meltdown about terrorists, today the jet blue pilot is a freeman.
9:11 am
that's the man ranting and riving and flight from new york to las vegas and found not guilty by reason of insanity. and a judge let him go free. he will not be allowed back on an airplane without permission, he must also forego his pilots license, but has a job with jet blue, but listed as inactive status. a ceremony six decades in the making and emotional, george michael thought it was a ceremony in wisconsin he was award with a world war ii victory medal. a friend noticed he didn't have one. the more i got to know him i wanted one more him. >> did you know you were supposed to have it.
9:12 am
>> no, couldn't have been better. >> he was a prisoner of war, and soon after d-day, he managed to escape and speaking of medals-- >> i was out in the hallway, the marines are all over place, their birthday. and we have a nice cake for em this we'll cut up at the bottom of the hour. tsa screeners part of a union, could it jeopardize your safety? thousands of americans are still in the dark after being slammed by sandy especially on long highland. why hasn't the long island power north given them any answers? next, a count legislature talking all week what he can tell us, when they will get heat. [ male announcer ] when was the last time something made your jaw drop? campbell's has 24 new soups
9:13 am
that will make it drop over, and over again. ♪ from jammin' jerk chicken, to creamy gouda bisque. see what's new from campbell's. it's amazing what soup can do.
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9:16 am
>> i believe they were unprepared. i believe the system is archaic and is obsolete in many ways, i don't believe what they did was adequate. i don't believe it was right. part of it is the system design and part is the performance. >> alisyn: that was governor andrew cuomo with the response of long island power's response to superstorm sandy. and with tens of thousands still without power, why are they not getting all the answers that they need. >> joining us is new york county's suffolk county. do you have power? >> i do as of a couple of days ago. >> mike: what's the holdup. i got a text, almost 3 million without power, down to 1200 people without power. how could the two companies be so different?
9:17 am
>> well, different places, obviously, different systems of management and i think there was a different, in terms of how we got laborers here to work, and poor planning, we're starting to see more workers than we've ever had and now, down to four outages than we've ever had and seems like there should have been more workers from the start so we got more service restored. >> it seems like it, people said we knew sandy was coming and knew sandy was coming for several days and why didn't the ceo, by the way named the ceo and people want answers and why didn't he move access to where he knew they would be needed. >> the buck stops at the top, but, you know, this has been poor planning and decision making, as you said, we knew about the storm, well in advance, and for them to not have protocol in place, to deal with areas, for example,
9:18 am
that had flooding and that may have had natural gas in the area. for them not to have a plan in place to do that, and not to implement plans until a week, literally a week, week and a half later, is just-- didn't have enough polls, you know, stuff like that, but, isn't the governor of the state, isn't though it's a private company, long island power authority, isn't that under a governor's umbrella? >> yes, the new york state government does have some oversite, the suffolk county legislature implemented a year or so ago, after an oversite committee we don't have any direct authority, but we've had hearings and suggestions and they haven't been taken to heart. >> alisyn: and the problem is this is a monopoly for all intents and purposes, so people now are so frustrated, can't get any answers, can't get the calls returned and can't get somebody to come to the phone.
9:19 am
nobody to go to to provide the power, what's the answer? >> i think the governor is looking into that right now. there certainly needs to be a change, the whole structure needs to be reviewed, there was poor communication on the part of-- especially with our constituents and their customers and even with the communication with elected officials wasn't so good, and certainly the performance-- >> you can't get a call through to them, it's getting answers-- >> you want the army corps of engineers to come in here? >> you know, i think that would help, at this point, it may be too late. and we have about 6,000 outage still in the down of islip. and tells us we're 85% restored in islip as of yesterday and expect almost full restoration by monday, but now we're two weeks after the storm hit. >> alisyn:. are still by some estimates, 130,000 to 200,000 on long island outside of your town of islip.
9:20 am
>> they can talk about the numbers restored as much as they want. but the fact is for those folks who aren't restored. >> alisyn: sure some the numbers, are still staggering. thank you for coming in. >> let me give a call out to our servicemen, god bless, as they sever of our country. >> mike: thanks. and quitting smoking, all you do is take a sip of one beverage. it's not scotch. we'll tell you what that beverage is after the break. >> will these-- believe it or not, there's only a little more than a month to go until christmas. bass pro with great gift ideas for the whole family. [ lisa ] my name's lisa, and chantix helped me quit.
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9:24 am
>> 9:24 eastern. some quick headlines, over 40,000 tsa workers now part after union. american federation of government employees. and they say it means better evaluations for t sachsa. government has criticized them for focusing more on the perks than security. and the vatican leak scandal, claudio sharpepti has been getting a two month suspension to help the former butler leak documents to the press.
9:25 am
outside to michael. >> mike: you got it. your italian is fantastic. i'm in santa's wonderland. look what we've done outside here in manhattan. inside that big tent, what we've accomplished, it's santa's wonderland. and edwin is back with me from bass pro shops. i don't know how did you it, but this is what it looks likes inside of that tent, in midtown manhattan. >> this is a very small version of all the bass pro stores, we've got everything from a cool train set. >> that's the first thing i looked at. >> i don't wouldn't want one. >> i want it. >> let see see if i can distinguish. >> who is that? >> so this kind of setup at bass pro. and one of the cool things we've got the bass bash, when you go to the santa wonderland you can enjoy the free games,
9:26 am
crafts, arcades, all of those fun things to do with your whole family and get in line and get your free phone with santa while you're there. >> hi, santa. >> when i was a kid, all i had was an empty box and my parents were cruel to me. they had lincoln logs and a vintage toys and build all kinds of things. and he likes to build something up and crash it with his truck and it's a lot of fun. >> how cute is that girl over there? >> right here. >> santa? >> and what's that thing she's getting on. >> that's a fisher price, little quad, just a really exciting thing, stick your feet up there honey and drive wherever you want to drive. >> no, no, it's a lot of fun. >> that's cool. thank you very much, and one of the great things about new york we partnered with convoy of hope, which is an organization from our hometown in springfield, we brought 34,000 bottles of water to help the victims of sandy here
9:27 am
in new york. >> you are with convoy of hope. thank you for being that. >> look at a hot shot of the truck, it's jammed with waters. >> we do. >> and where is it going. >> based with convoy of hope, partnered with us over ten years, anytime there's a sds ter and jump up and do something to help and we appreciate that relationship. >> how can we hope. >> go to convoy of, that money will join along with the donation from bass pro and other corporations around the country to go directly to helping the victims of sandy. >> thank you for helping us. >> thank you, our pleasure, our pleasure. >> back inside. >> this is great. >> i don't think we'll ever get mike back in here. >> dave: stay there, mike, we're good. >> alisyn: what was president obama's first order of business since being reelected, is it raising taxes? >> i'm the not going to ask students and seniors and middle class families to pay down the entire deficit while
9:28 am
people like me making over $250,000 aren't asked to pay a dime more in taxes. >> alisyn: how will the president's plan to increase taxes on the rich play out in washington? we'll hear from both sides coming up. >> dave: big brother keeping a close eye on you, putting armored trucks on the streets. more on that ahead. [ woman ] ring. ring. progresso. i just finished a bowl of your new light chicken pot pie soup and it's so rich and creamy... is it really 100 calories? let me put you on webcan... ...lean roasted chicken... and a creamy broth mmm i can still see you. [ male announcer ] progresso. you gotta taste this soup. tomato, obviously. haha. there's more than that though, there's a kick to it. wahlalalalallala! smooth, but crisp. it's kind of like drinking a food that's a drink, or a drink that's a food, woooooh! [ male announcer ] taste it and describe the indescribable. could've had a v8.
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>> as we celebrate veterans day this weekend and all those who serve and protect our country, fox news wants to help our troops, that's why we have launched a new mission called helping heroes work. how does it work? >> it's a brand new website that connects veterans to a brand new employment opportunity. if you're an employer looking to hire a veteran or one of our troops back from deployment. you can post a job or find out who is hiring and again check it out, helping heroes, it's hard to concentrate while reading that, david briggs has a machete. >> dave: it's a marine sword. why do i have it? >> i don't know. >> dave: you could cut a cake with this baby. it's a marine's birthday and
9:33 am
we'll cut it with this and ali, my daughter's birthday is later today, do you think you could do this, frightening. happy birthday emmerson, daddy is going to cut the cake. >> alisyn: which marine let you have that? >> they don't know i have it. >> alisyn: how convenient. let's talk about one of the top stories of the day the first order of business that the president turned back to after being reelected and that was how to fix the fiscal crisis not go off the fiscal cliff. his suggestion sounds like he's been saying for two years, raise taxes and let the bush tax cuts make individually, 200,000 or families, 250,000. where is the compromise that is now so oozily talked about on capitol hill. where the common ground is going to happen? it's hard to imagine when you listen to president obama again talking about this. let's listen to him.
9:34 am
and to john boehner. >> i'm hope to compromise. i'm hope to new ideas. i'm committed to solving our fiscal challenge. but, i refuse to accept any approach that isn't balanced. >> and i'm not going to ask students and seniors and middle class families to pay down the entire deficit whole people like me making over $250,000 aren't asked to pay a dime more in taxes. i'm the not going to do that. >> instead of raising tax rates on the american people and accepting the damage it will do to our economy, let's start to actually solve the problem. let's focus on tax reform that closes special interest loopholes and lowers tax rates, instead of accepting arbitrary cuts that will endanger our national defense, let's get serious about shoring up the entitlement programs the drivers of our country's massive growing debt. 2013 should be the year to
9:35 am
solve our debt through tax reform and entitlement reform. >> dave: what boehner said, this is an opportunity for the president to lead. this is his moment. if there's one criticism that sticks to the president for the first term, it's that he never led on these important issues, he let others craft legislation and then it blew up. look at health care, he let others craft his signature health care bill while not putting a bill on the table. immigration, he said, he would taxol it first, he never put forward a plan. >> mike: that's the beauty after second term. >> dave: will he show some leadership and craft a plan. >> mike: is that what a second term is about, you don't have to be beholden to certain persons and move to the middle and compromise. >> alisyn: if he needs more incentive and moving to the middle a cbo report says that if the tax hikes, along with spending cuts will actually thrust the economy into recession. the fiscal cliff would drive
9:36 am
the economy back into recession and jump in the jobless rate to 9.1% to 2013. the president doesn't want that, nobody wants that. >> dave: it would crush the economy in terms of growth. there you go, economic output would drop by .5% in 2013 if congress fails to act, so, again, that would show our economy contracting as opposed to growing by estimated 1.7%. so, a massive impact, if, to your point, both tax increases and spending cuts go into place. >> mike: if you start would work on entitle thements, you can't get that done and change the tax codes in six to seven weeks. >> dave: but you've got to put them on the table, if you're going to show some leadership that john boehner talked about, put them on the table and see if he has some backbone. >> mike: and have john boehner's caucuses, work with him. >> dave: he looked like a
9:37 am
bargain, and make some people take some medicine and blew up. >> alisyn: they were close and hard to know if today they can find common ground and-- >> budget cuts with this baby, right. >> alisyn: speak softly and carry a big machete. frustrations growing as yet another super storm sandy and hundreds of thousands along the east coast, long island, new york, still without power. >> and rick has been there all morning and he's actually at long beach on long island. here is rick. >> rick: yeah, frustration growing, frustration's been growing for a long time. we're 12 days out of the the storm and it still looks like this. you see piles of garbage everywhere, still a lot of people without power although it's getting better. and here in long beach right now, the latest numbers are 80% of the community, it's a town of about 33,000 people, so, that's the number of power that's back on, but a lot of
9:38 am
people very angry with the long island power authority, because they think they've not been prepared for what this kind of a-- of a disaster was. take a listen to what some of the people are saying. >> they hang up on you, they don't answer it, i called them and they said we can't do anything for you, you have to get an inspector. can't get an inspector. this is the worst day in my life. >> yesterday, and following, this rng mo, without power and tried to call lipa and nobody came. >> we can't live like this. >> and yesterday one of the nassau county managers asked for the u.s. military to take over the process of getting power back on. i tell you a difficult thing for so many people. a half hour ago i was able to talk with a city manager hereof long beach and he talked a little about lipa and listen to what he had to say. >> right now we have them locked in city hall.
9:39 am
some of the leadership around the clock are sleeping there and every morning and every afternoon and every hour in between we look at the map, what's going on here, there, when is it going to get turned on. so nutu there is no such thing as soon enough, but-- >> he's so confident that the frame work is laid and they'll get most of the power on quickly and telling him that 100% of power will be back on long beach by tuesday, but hoping for tomorrow. and i says there are about 50 homes that took on so much water and water damage that they actually can't safely get power back on. and those will be the outlyers, but i think a lot of people on long island are going to be looking at those results. >> alisyn: that's the best news we've had all morning, if neck do it by tuesday or tomorrow that would be such a relief for the people we've heard from.
9:40 am
>> dave: with the warm weather on the way. thank you, rick. good job. >> alisyn: a man believed to be responsible for two dozen highway shootings in michigan has pleaded not guilty to 60 charges, including eight attempted murder charges. 43-year-old rally caststill sparked fears of a d.c. shooting. and a coal company forced to layoff employees, and the ceo says it's because of the president's reelection. and announcing at the utah and illinois plant. and the president's alleged war on coal, including pending epa regulations will destroy the coal industry by the year 2030. forget an eye on the sky. look at the road. in st. petersburg, florida, residents are going to be seeing this armored truck roaming the streets letting them know the police are watching them.
9:41 am
four cameras on it in an effort to battle drugs and prostitution and the images shot can be pulled up on officer's ipads and the truck was donated and 30,000 was spent on refurbishing it. those of your headlines. >> why do we know that though? >> because it's top secret. >> alisyn: and we're affecting. >> mike: fantastic. >> dave: wall street taking back-to-back hits after president obama's reelection this week. so where is your money safe to invest over the next four years? a financial expert here next. >> mike: first, let's check in with neil cavuto for a look what's coming up on the big business block. . >> hey, guys, good morning, well, the election in the rear view mirror, now, we're staring down a fiscal cliff and speeding toward a financial disaster and washington has 51 days to fix it. why isn't anyone doing it. fema leaving victims of sandy high and dry and shutting down
9:42 am
jobs because of this, bad weather this week. now some lawmakers are wanting more money for fema. and try getting that passed. the top of the hour. with less chronic low back pain. imagine you, with less pain. cymbalta can help. cymbalta is fda-approved to manage chronic musculoskeletal pain. one non-narcotic pill a day, every day, can help reduce this pain. tell your doctor right away if your mood worsens, you have unusual changes in mood or behavior or thoughts of suicide. antidepressants can increase these in children, teens, and young adults. cymbalta is not approved for children under 18. people taking maois or thioridazine or with uncontrolled glaucoma should not take cymbalta. taking it with nsaid pain relievers, aspirin, or blood thinners may increase bleeding risk. severe liver problems, some fatal, were reported. signs include abdominal pain and yellowing skin or eyes. tell your doctor about all your medicines, including those for migraine and while on cymbalta, call right away if you have high fever, confusion and stiff muscles
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>> welcome back, over 90,000 with a petition for a nominate the pakistani girl who was shot in the head by the taliban after speaking out about women's rights. recovering in a u.k. hospital. do you need help to quit smoking or maybe to quit snacking so much? try gargling lemonade. someone wants to swish a sugary drink in their mouth and better performing tasks and the sugary drinks activate sensors in your brain to help focus so ali and dave have
9:46 am
been gargling lemonade. >> i tried with coffee. and this might be bad. >> thank you, michael? >> the two days right after the election, the dow dropped a combined total of 434 points. and the biggest two day decline in a year although there was a small one of four points. should people be concerned? where should you invest your money the next four years. >> joining us the founder and ceo of john thomas financial? >> great to have you here, and people are skittish right now about investing their money, and i guess they're nervous about the unknown. >> that's correct. >> how do you interpret the selloff this week? >> no question of volatility from wednesday and thursday related to the election, you had a lot of big money based on a romney victory so you're seeing the unwinding of the romney positions taking place, and unfortunately, this administration is not, so, you're seeing a lot of the coal stocks ran up. getting killed and sectors
9:47 am
like technology happening as well. because people don't know why or where they should spend the mine with the uncertainty of the fiscal cliff and global scale. >> the fiscal cliff was a certainty no matter who was elected though, wasn't that baked in? >> i don't think so, why? because now people are wondering, okay, what's going to happen with my wallet? where should i direct my money? should i keep more cash on the sidelines. >> should i invest my cash now. until that fiscal cliff is addressed there's going to be a short term traders market. >> let's get some people some answers this morning. let's start with where they should not be investing their money right now. where do you think, what do you think the no-nos are? >> a lot of stocks that ran up, very aggressively before the election like biotechs, stay away from biotechs, right now. technology, you've seen apple drop off 200 points and you have to be careful with stocks like that that ran up in anticipation on the romney victory to be careful. stay away from sectors like that.
9:48 am
biotechs-- >> i personally fear facebook, they're selling off massive chunks of the company stocks, how about things we should buy right now? >> we like financials, bank of america, city corp., discover, visa is doing very well, consumer related stocks, and we like selected energy stocks, fracking companies, and unless this administration comes down on fracking, a great place to put capital and see what direction and tone this administration takes towards energy companies. >> i see that you've listed there health care, why health care companies right now given the uncertainty about obamacare? >> i think that health care companies right now are going to be a benefactor what's going to happen six to 12 months with this administration, so you have to be careful where and what companies you do invest in, but i think that health care will be a great is conservative area to put your money. >> do you see a bit of a rally next week or, for the forseeable future? >> we've been very cautious because of the poor consumer demands in the marketplace,
9:49 am
we've seen the deterioration in the market for quite some time and until we see some real defined progress with the fiscal cliff, you know, people are going to have to be very careful where to put their money in the market. >> and be an agreement then, the stocks like that. >> i'll tell you this, at a point valuation is very attractive and people with cash, which is wise now to invest in the market of the best asset class right now. >> good to know. >> dave: $8. >> alisyn: and john house financial. >> thank you very much. >> dave: coming up we're celebrating the u.s. marine corps's 237th birthday, with the very special guests, here they are, and cutting into this birthday cake, with the sword next. ♪ that's a few names longer. you see us bank on busier highways.
9:50 am
on once empty fields. everyday you see all the ways all of us at us bank are helping grow our economy. lending more so companies and communities can expand, grow stronger and get back to work. everyday you see all of us serving you, around the country, around the corner. us bank.
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9:53 am
>> they are the few, the proud, the marines and for the last 237 years, the marine corps has been protecting our freedom, keeping us safe here and abroad. and we have the privilege of celebrating the marine's birthday. >> here with us now, brigadier general, paul briar, vice commander of the forces. commander johns, wounded warrior resident and navajo talker and survived the battle on iwo jima. >> thank you for your service, happy birthday. >> alisyn: and general, what does it mean. >> today is the day that the marines throughout the world
9:54 am
celebrate the birthday, since 1921, when it was to celebrate and inherit from the warsors, and to rededicate and rekindle our pride for the chapter, because as president bush said when he announced in 2006, that corporal jason dunham awarded the medal of marine corps birthday, we believe you know where you came from. >> dave: if you want a man who sacrificed, behind you, dustin johns, pardon me, you lost both of your legs, sorry, i'm a little-- >> i'll take it, he's getting v
9:55 am
verclempt. tell us your story. >> november 12th last year i was in afghanistan conducting combat operation and stepped on an ied and lost both of my legs and coming up on a year now. >> alisyn: what does today mean to you. >> i think it's important to look back and remember the history and those who sacrificed. we've got gentlemen here that obviously have been there. >> alisyn: we sure do. bill, great to have you with us, you survived iwo jima. >> yes, i landed on iwo jima 1945. >> alisyn: and some of your fellow comrade here. >> yes, i have some comrades here that i served with. >> alisyn: it's a pleasure to have you here, and thank you all for your service. let's cut the cake, shall we? how do you guys do this, exactly with this impressive life. >> dave: we do have a smaller cutting life if you need it. >> that's how we practice it every year. >> mike: well, let me get out of the way. >> so far no one's been
9:56 am
injured. the tradition, first piece of cake goes to the oldest marine present. >> who is that? >> that's mr. toledo. . >> dave: what kind of cake are we serving up here, sir. >> i wasn't involved in that department, but i'm sure it's going to be tasty, not dry. >> alisyn: delicious. >> dave: always curious. >> mike: vanilla. >> alisyn: as the oldest member here, you get the first bite. >> eat up. >> he gets the first bite of cake and passes it to the youngest marine present and symbolizes the passing of not only the knowledge, but the responsibility to do what the american public expects its marine corps to do. >> thank you for your service, and thank you to have you here celebrating. more "fox & friends." but swanson? the broth cooks trust most to make the meal folks spend all year waiting for.
9:57 am
in stuffing and more, the secret is swanson. introducing the new droid razr maxx hd by motorola. now more than ever droid does.
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